4 apps that take up more space on your phone: Here’s how to solve it!

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Having a cell phone with low memory is very bad, as it makes it impossible to send and receive new content and files. This can be caused by apps that consume a lot of your device’s memory.

Read on and see what takes up the most space on your phone.

What takes up the most space on your phone? See the apps!

Smartphones currently have a lot of GB of storage due to the large amount of file receipts, and even the weight of the application itself. Some of the apps that take up the most space on the device are:

WhatsApp is one of the apps that takes up the most space on your phone

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications for communication, but the app itself is not heavy, but the daily content and media that contribute to the reduction of cell phone memory.

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Facebook is another social network used by application and that can greatly affect storage space. The application alone already consumes about 230 MB internally, with the data in the cache and other files, it can use more than 1GB.


Spotify is an essential application for everyday life, because listening to music in your routine is essential, isn’t it? However, for those who need to use the application without internet, it is necessary to download the songs and this consumes a lot of internal memory space.

Free Fire

A game widely used worldwide, if used on a cell phone with little memory, the device will certainly not perform well, as the game is heavy. The app alone already consumes a lot of device space, and after constant game use, you will have a lot of cached data and reduced free storage memory.

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How to increase available space on internal memory

Some actions can help clean your phone and increase the available space on your device’s internal memory, for example:

  • Uninstall or disable unused apps – apps that haven’t been used for a long time and are just taking up space. Android phones have notifications that tell the user which features they haven’t used in a while, which makes this task easier.
  • Delete unimportant files – delete files that are not so important and not used. This consumes memory space that could be used for other things.
  • Clear cached data – each application has a cache that influences the functioning of the app. But you can clear it by going to the app info.
  • Save files to the cloud – even with good memory on the device, save your files in the cloud, so you have less risk of losing them and they won’t take up space on the internal memory.
  • Disable automatic media download – If you are like the overwhelming majority of Brazilians and use the Whatsapp to exchange messages, we recommend disabling automatic media downloads. This is especially true for groups, which easily fill their photo and video gallery within a few weeks.

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