‘Being attacked by a shark saved my life’, says American

For many, a nightmare. But for Eugene Finney it has, surprisingly, another meaning: “Being attacked by a shark saved my life”.

About 7 years ago, in July 2015, Eugene went to bathe with his daughter in Huntington Beach (California, USA). The son and the girlfriend had stayed in the sand.

While in the water, Eugene felt something “crush” your backprompting him to promptly swim back to the sand with his daughter, the Washington Post reported.

“I’d say it’s like being hit by a ton of bricks, or being whipped by a car, but it’s not.”he explained. “I’ve never been hit like this before”he added.

When he returned, Eugene was bleeding from a cut about 30 centimeters in the upper back. It wasn’t until the next day that Eugene and his family realized what was behind the wound: a shark. A surfer reported to the local news that he had bumped into a great white lurking in the waters off Huntington Beach.

Eugene Finney injured by shark Photo: Reproduction

Days later, Eugene began to feel chest pain, breathing problems, and other pain which he and his family assumed stemmed from the shark attack. The American went to an emergency room. On imaging, a doctor found a small cancerous tumor in the right kidney from Eugene.

Fortunately, he was still very small, and the medical team was able to get Eugene into surgery.remove all traces of the tumor along with only 20% of your kidney.

Eugene after surgery to remove kidney tumor
Eugene after surgery to remove a kidney tumor Photo: Reproduction

Eugene believes that “Mother Nature” sent him a signal by making the shark crush him a few days earlier:

“I got a message from Mother Nature. That’s what started this series of events that got me to the hospital. Otherwise, I never would have gone in, and they wouldn’t have discovered the cancer.”

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