Blumenau company opens enrollment for IT development course

The technology company T-Systems opened, this Monday, the 25th, a training program for developers. In all, there will be 30 places for training of 400 hours/classes in the Java and Angular programming language.

Candidates will go through a selection process and those selected will be hired by T-Systems, from the first day of class, with salary and benefits. The campaign launched has national dissemination, with a focus on Blumenau.

The classes will be mixed, in which a part of the students will be able to attend classes remotely from anywhere in Brazil while another part will attend in person, at ProWay’s headquarters, in Blumenau. Candidates can apply through the Tsystems website.

requirements and steps

The T-Academy seeks candidates who already have a good level of second language (English or German) and entry-level knowledge of systems programming. It is also important to have good communication, verbal and written and that they want to improve themselves in the development area, even if they do not have experience.

Candidates will pass tests that can be taken online. The other stages will take place through interviews and dynamics in order to define the selected ones who will be hired under the CLT regime by T-Systems and receive training.


Present in more than 20 countries, T-Systems is a multinational founded in Germany in 2001 and has offices around the world beyond the European continent, reaching the essential markets of Asia, South America, North America and other locations in strategic production – including Brazil.

With around 28,000 employees worldwide and revenue of €4 billion (2021), T-Systems is one of the leading providers of digital services.

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