Brusque misses a penalty at the end, and Cruzeiro celebrates a 0-0 draw

With dramatic contours at the end of the game, Cruzeiro tied with Brusque, 0-0, today (30), at the Augusto Bauer stadium, for the 21st round of Série B. The team from Santa Catarina wasted a penalty kick in extra time with Gabriel Taliari. The player converted the hit, but VAR interfered and interpreted that the player had double-tapped the ball.

The draw was cheap for Cruzeiro, which was far from the good performances it has been having at home. The celestial team has not won as a visitor since June 3, when they beat Operário, in Ponta Grossa-PR, 2-1.

With the result, the celestial team remains in the lead of the competition with 46 points. Brusque already reached 24 points and occupies the 12th place, being able to lose positions with the complement of the play.

Brusque returns to the field next Thursday (4), at 19:00 (Brasília time), against Sampaio Corrêa at the Augusto Bauer stadium. Cruzeiro will face Tombense, on Saturday (6), at 7pm, at Mineirão.

First half of few chances

The first stage was a lot of struggle, but with few clear chances for both teams. However, Brusque was much more present in the Cruzeiro area. Only in the final stretch, the goal almost came out of both sides. First with Brusque, who at 40, demanded a good defense from Rafael Cabral. Álvaro received the cross from Alexandro, hit it hard and Cabral flattened. Cruzeiro almost opened the scoring at 44, with Edu. Bruno Rodrigues fixed it for Edu. He finished, the ball deflected in the back, and Jordan made the save.

early replacements

Both Brusque and Cruzeiro lost players due to muscle injuries in the first half. Pará was replaced by Edilson at 13 and Geovane Jesus by Rômulo at 23.

opening day

Midfielder Chay, made official this week, made his debut for Cruzeiro. The player was called by Paulo Pezzolano at halftime and entered Stênio’s spot. The player entered with a lot of will and tried to approach the attackers.

Cruzeiro comes back better, but Brusque is in danger

At 2 minutes into the second half, Cruzeiro finished with Bidu, who received a pass from debutant Chay. He finished and Jordan saved without a rebound. At 8, Alex Ruan finished for Brusque and the ball passed very close to the crossbar. In the final stretch, at 30, Fernandinho hit low and hard. The ball passed to the right of Cabral’s goal with danger.

suffocation at the end

Brusque had the chance to win the match, but missed it. The ball touched Lucas Oliveira’s hand in the area and the referee awarded the penalty. On the hit, Gabriel Taliari converted, but before he slipped and hit the ball twice. VAR kicked in and the goal was disallowed.

Problem with VAR

The ball started to roll with the VAR booth facing some problems. Not all cameras were working and the situation was communicated to the captains of both teams. Later, at the beginning of the first stage, the situation was resolved.

Tribute to Edu

One of Brusque’s biggest idols, Edu was honored by the Santa Catarina club before the ball rolled. The player received a shirt with the number 38, referring to the number of goals he scored for the Vale team. He is the second highest scorer in Brusque’s history. The player was thrilled and had his name shouted from the stands.


Competition: 21st round of Serie B Campeonato Brasileiro
Place: Augusto Bauer stadium, in Brusque (SC)
Date and time: July 30, 2022, at 11:00 am (Brasília time)
Referee: Paulo Roberto Alves Junior (PR)
Assistants: Bruno Boschilia (FIFA/PR) and Eduardo Gonçalves da Cruz (MS)
VAR: Thiago Duarte Peixoto (SP)
Yellow cards: Alex Ruan, Rodolfo, Gabriel Taliari and Edilson (Brusque); Geovane Jesus and Zé Ivaldo (Cruise)

BRUSQUE: Jordan; Pará (Edilson), Everton Alemão, Wallace, Airton; Rodolfo Potiguar, Balotelli; Alex Ruan (Paulo Baya), Álvaro (Gabriel Taliari), Fernandinho; Alex Sandro (Patrick). Coach: Luan Carlos.

CRUISE: Rafael Cabral; Zé Ivaldo, Lucas Oliveira and Machado; Geovane Jesus (Rômulo), Neto Moura, Pablo Siles (Fernando Canesim) and Matheus Bidu; Stênio (Chay), Bruno Rodrigues and Edu (Breno). Coach: Paulo Pezzolano.

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