Camilla de Lucas is rushed to the rescue after getting sick

Camilla de Lucas gave her friends a scare at dawn this Wednesday (29) at São João da Thay, promoted by digital influencer Thaynara OG. The BBB 21 runner-up even vomited during the party. She had the help of Bianca Andrade, Viih Tube and Gabi Martins, all ex-BBBs.

Without giving details about what would have motivated the unease, she only revealed that she was rushed to the rescue by her friends. “And I threw up in São João da Thay and out of nowhere Bianca came to touch up my makeup, Viih Tube gave me medicine and Gabi Martins put ice water on my neck, at the same time! That’s about it!”, he said through Twitter.

A user identified as Véia do Rio replied: “Woman, just because I’m a local blogger, I’m not appreciated? I gave you my chair lol. Get well, my love.” “Woman! Really? I didn’t see it! A man who took it to me from the production”, she replied, good-naturedly.

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Camilla de Lucas is rushed to the rescue after getting sick

Camilla de Lucas and celebrities participate in São João da Thay


The event is already part of Maranhão’s June calendar and celebrates the beauties of popular culture in the state. All profits are donated to Maranhão entities supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef).

This is the fourth edition and was the largest held so far, which received about 10 thousand people at the Multicenter Sebrae, with a large structure and two stages.

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