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With an eye on this market, businessman Natan Lima, from the North Zone of São Paulo, decided to open a bar dedicated to the concept of cryptocurrencies, metaverse and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Behind the many LEDs and signs looking to generate buzz on Instagram, the place offers some fun interactions that facilitate access to technology.

Entrance to Metabar, in the north of São Paulo — Photo: Fabio Tito/g1

BRL 10, for example, is enough to rent a virtual reality headset that costs more than BRL 2,500. Thus, anyone who frequents the bar can have a taste of this experience. You can play games, visit London and Paris and even work meetings with him.

You can also pay your bill in cryptocurrency and get a discount, win an NFT from the bar’s collection made by a digital artist and play Crypto Quest, a game that teaches you about the world of cryptocurrencies for a drink.

In addition, waiters are trained to teach customers the three main concepts in a simple way, according to Nathan.

  • Cryptocurrency: “encrypted digital currency”
  • Metaverse: “parallel and decentralized virtual realities”
  • NFT: “encrypted digital file”

The next step is bold, but also fun: creating a Tinder in the metaverse. “Now we are implementing our space in the metaverse. And the idea is to be a kind of Tinder: people can arrange to meet there and meet here. It also serves groups of friends. Those who are at home will be able to interact with whoever is at the bar”, says the businessman.

Game teaches cryptocurrency mechanics on Metabar — Photo: Fábio Tito/g1

The place has attracted some enthusiasts. Marcos Lustosa, 25, is a marketing and innovation manager at a cryptocurrency exchange and is organizing a reality show on the subject in Argentina. He goes every week to Metabar and was the first customer to pay the bill with Bitcoin.

“I’ve been investing in crypto for two years, I’ve had the ups and downs of the market. I invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon (Matic), Solana, Avalanche and Tether,” he says.

Businessman Igor Decresci was also excited about the theme. Today, he invests in over 30 cryptocurrencies and enjoys going there to network as well as having fun.

“There are several, but the main ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, APE and HBAR. And I can put it from R$10, so I like to experiment. There’s one that has five zeros before the 1, so with R$20, and I have millions in currency. Now I want to invest in NFT, which can value and be worth millions”, says Decresci.

The two are not worried about the downturn in the market and want to take advantage of the drop in prices to invest even more. But they recommend caution. “Before putting your money, invest first in knowledge”, recommends the entrepreneur.

But it’s not just metanerd. Insurance director Bárbara Mendes considers herself conservative in investments and had never learned much about digital currencies before going to the bar. Now, she has already started to study on the subject.

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