CBF gives in to pressure from clubs and removes seven referees in a month and a half for serious mistakes

O Brazilian football is, once again, subject to great criticism of the arbitration. As in other years, 2022 has been marked by serious errors by referees and assistants in several matches. Between June and July, the tone of demands from players, coaches and managers rose and seven referees were removed by the CBFwhich tries to circumvent yet another crisis involving the sector.

Bruno Arleu de Araújo (Fifa), Savio Pereira Sampaio (Fifa), Rafael Traci (Fifa), Emerson de Almeida Ferreira, Marcus Vinicius Gomes, Luiz Flávio de Oliveira (Fifa) and Wagner Reway received punishments and were temporarily removed. There is no standardization for the removal of professionals, whether in terms of time in the “refrigerator”, or understanding which errors are subject to this punishment.

The first referee to be punished was Bruno Arleu de Araújo (Fifa), still in June, in the tenth round of the Brasileirão, when he did not score a penalty on Yago Pikachu, in the match between Fortaleza and Goiás. He returned to whistle a month later, in the duel between Coritiba and Juventude.

Savio Pereira Sampaio and Rafael Traci (VAR) were criticized and punished for their performances in the game between Internacional and Botafogo on June 19. Since then, Sampaio has not returned to referee in Serie A, while Traci will return this Sunday in the duel between Athletico-PR and São Paulo, in Curitiba. Traci was even as VAR in the match between Sport and Guarani in Serie B, on Thursday, and requested that the bugrino goal be reviewed by referee André Luiz de Freitas Castro, who decided for the annulment to see an alleged foul. The decision revolted Guarani on the field, which was defeated by Ilha do Retiro.

Emerson de Almeida Ferreira and Marcus Vinicius Gomes were removed after the match between Palmeiras and São Paulo for the return game of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil on July 14. They still have not returned to referee in the competition or in the Brasileirão. Luiz Flávio de Oliveira and Wagner Reway were punished last Thursday for a series of errors in the duel between Flamengo and Athletico-PR for the Copa do Brasil.

THE Brazilian football referee had to deal with route corrections this year. In April, the Arbitration Commission had a new chairman. Wilson Seneme took over the vacancy, after leaving the same role at Conmebol, where he was for six years. Seneme arrived at CBF to officially fill the gap left after the departure of Leonardo Gaciba, who was fired from his position in November last year, after a series of controversial episodes involving referees in the final stretch of the Brasileirão. Also in April, ten employees who had command positions in Brazilian arbitration were officially terminated.

“We would like refereeing not to be remembered after the games. We would like the other segments of football to remember the beautiful goals, the wonderful plays, and that there would be little talk about refereeing. The main objective of referees is to influence the results of the games as little as possible. This is our quest”, declared Seneme to Estadão after taking up his new position.

Referee will have interseason training

The absence of a pattern in arbitration confuses and bothers players, coaches and managers. Brazilian football is always in turmoil due to criticism and demands for a better performance by the referees. On Tuesday morning, when speaking to directors of the 40 clubs in Serie A and B of the Brazilian Championship, the president of CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, admitted that he has made demands on the Arbitration Commission and stated that Wilson Seneme himself, sometimes gets “outraged” by field markings.

Wilson seneme announced that 95 referees from all over Brazil will spend an interseason in Rio next week. In addition, from August onwards there will be training sessions at the Arbitration Center gives CBF every month, with small groups. The official also informed that 840 profiles were created on a video and statistics platform for referees to watch the moves of the games in which they work, for bid analysis and guidance from instructors. In addition, a framework of 128 VAR-CBF referees is being created.

The training will take place between August 1st and 5th, in three different venues, and will include practical work in VAR simulators and on the playing field. Starting this month, the Commission will also carry out monthly in-person practical training with the staff.” In all, 95 referees will have activities for five days, focusing mainly on VAR.

Two weights, two measures?

the referee Edina Alves (Fifa) has refereed 17 Serie A games of the Brazilian Championship in the last two years, but in 2022 he has not played in any match of the competition after 14 rounds. In February, she was marked by two errors in the classic between Santos and São Paulo for Paulistão.

At the time, the São Paulo Football Federation admitted that Edina missed two penalties in favor of the Vila Belmiro team in the match that ended in a 3-0 victory for the tricolor team.

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