Check out 10 paradise countries to travel where the real is worth more

You travel expenses are not limited to airfare and accommodation, but take into account consumption. Between gifts and typical food, it is necessary to think about the values ​​of goods and services in some cities. The first observation must be linked to the value of foreign money in relation to the real.

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For example, in Argentina, R$ 1 is equivalent to 25 pesos at the current exchange rate, offering advantages to Brazilian tourists who want to have fun. The economic benefits make the experience comfortable and a few more days in this environment, resulting in excellent value for money.

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South Africa – R$1 equals 3 rand

Johannesburg - South Africa
Johannesburg – South Africa

Comfortable campsites with a structure to serve tourists, in addition to unique safaris that connect people to nature. In Johannesburg there are urban options, between bars and cultural attractions.

Argentina – R$1 is equivalent to 24 Argentine pesos

With the possibility of getting to know the snow, the neighboring country offers a menu with unforgettable meats and wines. Experiencing an economic crisis, Argentines are even more receptive to moving trade.

Egypt – BRL 1 is equivalent to 3 Egyptian pounds

tourism in egypt
Tourism in Egypt – Reproduction:

Getting to know the Nile River, the Red Sea and the pyramids of Giza up close must be an incredible experience. Landscapes with historical importance arouse the curiosity and imagination of travelers.

Philippines – R$1 is equivalent to 10 Philippine pesos


Those who like beaches with clear waters and white sand cannot miss the opportunity to visit Southeast Asia.

Hungary – BRL 1 is equivalent to 70 Hungarian forints


The thermal waters with medical properties represent the main attraction for those who want to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the country.

India – R$1 is equivalent to 14 Indian rupees

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the thousands of sumptuous works in India, which carries the tradition of yoga and meditation.

Morocco – BRL 1 is equivalent to 1.8 Moroccan dirhams


The mosques and souks, open markets with Arab items attract thousands of tourists every year, maintaining traditional behaviors that have withstood time.

Mexico – R$1 is equivalent to 3 Mexican pesos

Cancun - Mexico
cancun, mexico

Bustling nightlife, cultural representation and natural beauty make Mexico one of the most complete destinations on the list.

Thailand – R$1 is equivalent to 6 bahts

Thailand tourism
Thailand Tourism – Reproduction:

Rock formations and rivers that impress with their beauty make Thailand a true paradise in Asia.

Uruguay – BRL 1 to 7 Uruguayan pesos


And to enjoy the summer, nothing better than Punta Del Leste and in the capital, enjoy good wines from R$30.

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