Corinthians vs Botafogo LIVE (1-0) | 07/30/2022

20:50a few seconds ago

45′ Five more

Let’s go up to 50.

20:49 a minute ago


Beautiful move by Corinthians from the left side, he finishes, but Gatito defends.

20:446 minutes ago


The ball stays alive inside the Corinthians area, Hugo heads it, but sends it out.

20:3912 minutes ago


Fausto Vere receives at the entrance of the area, he fills his foot and Gatito makes a great save.

20:3615 minutes ago

30′ Substitution at Corinthians 🔄

20:35 15 minutes ago

30′ Substitution at Botafogo 🔄

20:35 16 minutes ago

29′ OUT

After the counterattack, the ball stays with Fausto Vera live, he dominates, kicks and sends it away.

20:31 19 minutes ago


Erisson makes a nice dribble on the right, advances and tries to cross, the ball deflects in the Corinthians defense and goes towards the goal. Cassio sure, makes the defense.

20:27 23 minutes ago

22′ Substitution at Corinthians 🔄

20:24 27 minutes ago

19′ CASSIO!!!

Erison kicks hard, Cássio defends in two halves and keeps the ball.

20:22 29 minutes ago


Willian receives in the area, tries the strike crossed. But Gatito defends and keeps the ball.

20:21 29 minutes ago

16′ Substitution at Corinthians 🔄

20:20 30 minutes ago

15′ LOST

Gustavo Silva comes face to face with Gatito, but takes too much, and sends him out.

20:19 31 minutes ago

14′ UUUUH!

Róger Guedes attacks from the left, makes individual play and kicks. The ball deflects in defense and goes to Fausto Vera, who risks again, but the ball goes out.

20:16 34 minutes ago

11′ Substitution at Botafogo 🔄

20:13 37 minutes ago


Gustavo Silva enters the area well, shoots for the goal and Gatito defends. On the rebound, the ball stays with Gustavo again, who this time tries to touch, but is intercepted and takes the corner.

20:11 39 minutes ago


Jeffinho attacks well on the left, crosses low and Balbuena pushes away.

20:09 41 minutes ago


Lucas Piazon tries the cross, the Corinthians defense cuts. Corner for Botafogo.

20:05 an hour ago


The ball rolls again in Neo Química Arena.

19:49 an hour ago

47′ End of 1st Half

Corinthians 1×0 Botafogo.

19:48 an hour ago


Jeffinho makes a nice shot, kicks, but the ball goes out.

19:47 an hour ago

45′ Two more

Let’s go to 47.

19:47 an hour ago

45′ UUUUH!

Rafael Ramos crosses, Róger Guedes goes up to head, but sends the ball wide.

19:45 an hour ago

43′ UUUUH!

The ball is left for Giuliano, who risks for the goal. The kick comes with venom and comes out for very little.

19:41 an hour ago


Rafael Ramos snakes sideways on Vera’s head, he heads, but weakly. Kitten defends calmly.

19:37 an hour ago

35′ GAGITO!!!

After a hit inside the area, the ball goes to Róger Guedes who gives it a little touch. Attentive kitten makes the defense.

19:33 an hour ago

31′ UUUUH!

Fábio Santos crosses Giuliano’s head, but shirt 11 can’t get the ball right and heads out.

19:29 an hour ago


AND WHAT A GOAL! Gustavo Silva takes the ball on the right wing, starts, dribbles three opponents and comes face to face with Gatito. Shirt 19 takes it away from the goalkeeper and sends it to the back of the goal. 1 to 0 Timon.

19:25 an hour ago


Róger Guedes receives inside the area, and tries to finish, even though he is unbalanced. Shirt 9 ended up isolating the ball.

19:24 an hour ago

22′ CASSIO!!!

Lucas Fernandes finishes, the ball deflects, but Cassio sure, manages to make the save.

19:23 an hour ago


Giuliano receives in the area, tries to touch for someone to come knocking, but ends up touching the ball to the opponent’s foot.

19:21 an hour ago


Gustavo Silva and Róger Guedes play, until the ball reaches Fausto Vera. That finishes firm and almost marks the first of the Timão!

19:20 2 hours ago


Jeffinho goes for Balbuena, but the Paraguayan makes a beautiful tackle.

19:18 2 hours ago


Gustavo Silva invades the area from the right side, crosses, the ball hits the defense and Corinthians wins a corner.

19:142 hours ago

13′ Substitution at Botafogo 🔄

19:07 2 hours ago


Marçal crosses in the area, no one arrives to head and the ball passes through the entire area.

19:06 2 hours ago


19:02 2 hours ago


Tchê Tchê risks from afar, the ball goes out.

19:01 2 hours ago


Ball rolling at Neo Química Arena.

19:00 2 hours ago

⏱’ Pre-game

Teams on the field! All set, the ball will roll.

18:21 2 hours ago

⏱’ Pre-game

Both teams are in the warm-up.

18:173 hours ago

⏱’ Pre-game

Goalkeepers of both teams in the warm-up.

18:04 3 hours ago

⏱’ Glorious climbing!

kitten; Daniel Borhes, Philipe Sampaio, Kanu and Marçal; Tchê Tchê, Lucas Fernandes and Eduardo; Lucas Piazon, Erison and Jeffinho.

18:03 3 hours ago

⏱’ Climbed wheel!

Cassius; Rafael Ramos, Balbuena, Bruno Ménez and Fábio Santos; Roni, Fausto Vera and Giuliano; Gustavo Silva, Giovane and Róger Guedes.

08:15 13 hours ago

When is the Corinthians vs Botafogo game and how to follow LIVE?

08:10 13 hours ago

How and where to watch the game Corinthians x Botafogo and LIVE

08:05 13 hours ago


08:00 13 hours ago

Botafogo likely lineup

kitten; Daniel Borges (Saravia), Kanu (Mezenga), Philipe Sampaio and Marçal); Tchê Tchê, Eduardo and Lucas Fernandes; Jeffinho, Erison (Matheus Nascimento) and Lucas Piazon (Luis Henrique).

07:55 13 hours ago

Glorious with many embezzlement

07:50 13 hours ago

Probable lineup of Corinthians

Cassius; Rafael Ramos, Bruno Méndez, Balbuena and Lucas Piton (Fábio Santos); Cantillo, Roni and Fausto Vera (Giuliano); Gustavo Mosquito, Adson and Róger Guedes (Yuri Alberto).

07:45 13 hours ago

Timon with mixed team!

07:40 13 hours ago

How are the teams?

07:35 13 hours ago

Confrontation of alvinegros!

07:30 13 hours ago


Hello fan! Stay tuned in the situations of each team for the confrontation soon. Follow the details, lineups and news as it happens live here on VAVEL Brasil’s small screen.

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