Drew Barrymore Reveals Cameron Diaz’s Advice Changed His Life

Drew Barrymore47, said that her best friend, actress Cameron Diaz, was responsible for a drastic change in his life. Longtime companions, the two are often seen together on each other’s social media.

They were together in the movie The Panthersin 2002, and in the two other sequels that were produced after it.

In an interview with People, Drew reveals that her friend has been talking to her for a long time about some changes in habits.

”I made a promise to my best friend Cameron Diaz that I would become someone she’s been encouraging me to be my entire life. An environmentally alert, conscious person with a sustainable lifestyle,” she said.

The actress, who debuted in 1982 in the classic Steven Spielberg, ET The Extraterrestrialsaid that thanks to Cameron’s advice, his life has completely changed.

”She’s been encouraging me to do this since the 1990s. When I started living this way, making a real commitment, I started to see the world differently and put everything into practice”, he said.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz (Reproduction/Instagram)

According to her, the star of Who will stay with Mary behaved like an older sister all the time.

They talked about sustainable measures

”Cameron would literally say to me, ‘Stop dripping water while you’re brushing your teeth! Do not do it!’. She has always been like a big sister to me, serving as a role model for me,’ she declared.

The fans of the duo always follow the expressions of affection between the stars, who insist on reaffirming their friendship on social networks.

Despite so much love, Drew claims that their relationship is not perfect and that after so many years, disagreements are normal.

”What I love about our friendship is that we were there for all the big and important moments. We were also present in the small and casual moments. And the reason we’re such good friends is because it’s real and we’ve been through real things with each other. It’s not a Hollywood fairy tale,” she revealed.

Cameron has been out of the spotlight for a few years after he decided to step away from his career. In 2018, she declared that she was officially retired and that she would only dedicate herself to family and friends.

She recently assumed she’s back and will star in Back in Actionthe new project of Netflixnext to colleague Jamie Foxx.

The actor confirmed that production will begin later this year, but the platform has not yet announced a release date.

Cameron Diaz in Love Doesn’t Take a Vacation (Reproduction/Prime Video)

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