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With the victory over CRB over on Thursday, when players went home with their families and fans emptied São Januário, Eguinaldo went to his room right there in the stadium accommodation, next to the field where he had just made his first goal as a professional for Vasco. Sleep took a while for the 17-year-old forward.

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It was still Thursday, six minutes to midnight, when he posted on his profile on a social network a message thanking him for the “child’s dream” he had just fulfilled. He published a photo of himself celebrating, with his arm pointing up, and one of Edinaldo, his father, who died in February of a heart attack.

Before going to Rio de Janeiro to venture into football, Eguinaldo worked with his father in the fields: the family grows corn, manioc and has a few head of cattle in Monção, a city in the interior of Maranhão. When Seu Edinaldo left, the talented son with the ball at his feet had to take on a great deal of responsibility.

– It was very difficult at the beginning of the year for me when I lost my father during my vacation. I thought about giving up football. I told my mother that I didn’t want to know about football anymore. My mother told me that I couldn’t stop, that now I was the man of the house and I was going to support the family, my brothers and I would give them a lot of joy – he told ge.

“That goal yesterday was for my father. And it always will be”, he added.

Eguinaldo, from Vasco, cries after the victory over CRB – Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

Maria dos Remédios, Eguinaldo’s mother, remembers this conversation well. “I told him that myself,” she said kindly to the geby phone.

– He’s the one who keeps the house here. He helps us a lot, thank God,” she said.

At 17, Eguinaldo is the man of the house and helps the family financially. Maria is a housewife and two brothers of the Vasco player live: Nairon, 23, and Alberto, 16. Layane, who is the oldest, has already left home.

From afar, the family does everything possible to follow Vasco’s games since Eguinaldo became a member two weeks ago. They meet at home and occasionally have some friends over. In the defeat by Sampaio Corrêa, in São Luís, the two brothers, a cousin, an aunt and his girlfriend went to Castelão.

Eguinaldo, striker for Vasco, and his mother Maria dos Remédios – Photo: Personal Archive

Eguinaldo’s Instagram “stories” tool turned into a multitude of publications he reposted: “I’ve seen the goal a hundred times, the people of my city are posting”. The child prodigy became an illustrious figure in Monção.

On leaving the field after the victory over CRB, he already felt the taste of the first live interview. Very emotional, he summed it up by saying that it was all an “inexplicable emotion”. This Friday, Vasco opened CT Moacyr Barbosa to the press, in a kind of media day, and Eguinaldo was one of those chosen to speak with journalists on a celebrity day.

Eguinaldo talks about the emotion after his first goal as a professional: "Incredible"

Eguinaldo talks about the emotion after his first goal as a professional: “Incredible”

He appeared shy, with a Vasco cap covering his head that his colleagues had recently shaved as a prank call. He risked a few smiles, but he also got emotional when talking about his father.

– If he were here, he would certainly say that he’s very proud of me for everything I’ve been doing, helping my family. I believe that up there he is very proud of me. I get emotional when I talk about him… – he interrupted, before he started to cry.

Eguinaldo, striker for Vasco, smiles during a press conference at CT — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

On the rise since he arrived in Rio de Janeiro, first at Artsul and now at Vasco, Eguinaldo doesn’t skimp on his plans: “Now I want to score more goals, think about the game against Chape and keep scoring. A and then I think about the Brazilian team”. For those who have been playing in the floodplain of Maranhão for less than two years, why not?

Eguinaldo, striker for Vasco, receives an award when he played in the floodplain in Maranhão – Photo: Personal Archive

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