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Coach Elano Blumer played his second game in charge of Náutico and was defeated for the second time. After debuting with a 2-1 comeback against Londrina, Timbu this time was thrashed by Bahia by 3-0, in Fonte Nova, and altogether bitter the fifth defeat in Série B. Result that could bring the team down to the lantern of the competition, in case of victory of Vila Nova, this Saturday, against Novorizontino, away from home.

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A delicate moment for the team that, for the coach, has been suffering from a lack of confidence. For Elano, in addition to correcting the team’s collective flaws, it is also necessary to recover the emotional side of the players. According to the coach, after Bahia’s first goal, the team felt the psychological side.

Elano takes over Náutico in Série B and debuts against Londrina, in Aflitos — Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

The curious thing is that, before the trip to Salvador, the coach even commented on this aspect. And he even mentioned an improvement in the players’ mood: “they’re smiling again”, he said at the time.

“It’s always difficult to face Bahia here, in any situation. We didn’t play a bad game, but when you’re in the situation we’re in, when you concede a goal the way we suffer, there’s a psychological part and it’s a great pressure”, began the coach.

– We conceded three goals after 25 minutes of the second half. But as I said, we knew it wouldn’t be easy, as a coach I’m still ahead of the crowd, motivating us to get back on our feet. Tomorrow is a new day and we are moving forward – he added.

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Kieza regrets goals from Bahia in the second half: “There’s nothing to talk about, you have to work”

Elano also explained the fact that he had made only two of the five changes he was entitled to, with midfielder Ralph and striker Luís Phelipe taking the places of Jobson and Victor Ferraz, respectively. Both at 20 minutes, when the game was still 0-0.

Among the options on the bench were defender Arthur, midfielder Thomaz and striker Júlio Vítor, latest signings made by the clubs, all at the request of Elano himself.

– The changes were in the positions where we needed to increase a little more speed. I brought Geuvânio to the right, where he played his entire career, brought Luís Phelipe to his position and kept Ralph, who was the midfielder who had been starting. The other changes were not made because we conceded goals afterwards. And then with some debuts, put in this situation, they are field situations that we have to have control – commented Elano Blumer.

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