Emma Watson agrees to return for new Harry Potter on one condition

With the relative failure of the Fantastic Beasts films, many people speculate about the future of the Magical Universe. Fans believe the saga will “return to its origins” after careless steps. But Emma Watson – Hermione’s interpreter – will only agree to return to the Harry Potter franchise if an important condition is met.

Today, the Harry Potter saga is going through one of the most troubled moments in its history. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, for example, failed to win over the specialized critics, and secured only modest values ​​at the box office.

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In addition, the franchise is also hampered by controversies in the cast and the intolerant statements of writer JK Rowling. The Harry Potter actors and actresses, for their part, do their best to distance themselves from the controversies.

We explain below how Emma Watson can return to Harry Potter and the condition that the actress has set for her return.

Emma Watson has a condition to return to Harry Potter

According to sources consulted by an American website, Emma Watson’s return to the Harry Potter franchise depends only on the departure of JK Rowling.

In 2020, the writer caused the ire of fans by making transphobic comments and posts on Twitter.

Even after the backlash from fans, JK Rowling didn’t back down. On the contrary, as time went on, the writer began to make more and more transphobic statements.

The comments, unsurprisingly, also affected the Harry Potter cast. On social media, several actors and actresses of the series have spoken out against Rowling’s thinking.

Emma Watson, Hermione’s interpreter, was one of them. Still in 2020, the actress publicly condemned the writer’s statements.

“Trans people are who they say they are, and they deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned,” Watson said.

Daniel Radcliffe, the eternal Harry Potter, also took a stand against JK Rowling. In a post on social media, the actor specifically cited trans women, who became the main targets of the writer’s attacks.

“Trans women are women. Any statement to the contrary erodes the identity and dignity of transgender people, and also goes against all information offered by health professionals and associations that have far more experience in the area,” commented the actor.

Notably, JK Rowling did not appear in the Back to Hogwarts special released by HBO Max.

The only statements by the writer that appear in the documentary were recorded in 2019, before her growing wave of transphobia on social media.

In Back to Hogwarts, Emma Watson didn’t talk about JK Rowling. The actress, on the other hand, said she was happy to be reunited with her co-stars.

“It’s emotional and intense to have such an intimate moment watched up close. I was happy that we had a facilitator to ask these questions and realize how different – ​​or similar – our perspectives were,” Watson revealed.

You can watch all the Harry Potter movies, along with the Back to Hogwarts special, on HBO Max.

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