Find out if you have been APPROVED in Auxílio Brasil through your cell phone: Step by step!

Auxílio Brasil is one of the main topics of the moment. This occurs for several reasons. However, one of the strongest factors is the fact that the program is undergoing changes, which were foreseen in the text of the “PEC of Benefits”. Thus, beneficiaries will be able to count on installments of R$ 600 in August.

In addition, the government is expected to include another 2 million people in the initiative to try to eliminate the current waiting list. With this, many people want to know how to consult the situation with the benefit. Therefore, learn how to consult your situation in Auxílio Brasil. See more below.

Learn how to carry out the Auxílio Brasil consultation without leaving home / Photo: publicity.

Who can receive Aid Brazil?

First of all, it is first necessary to define the eligibility criteria that people must meet in order to be considered eligible to receive the Auxílio Brasil installments.

Thus, the first factor is to have an inscription with updated data in the Single Registry of the Federal Government. This step is important not only to receive the Aid, but to be able to benefit from any other governmental social benefit.

In addition, the family must have characteristics of a situation of poverty or extreme poverty. In other words, the monthly family income per capita of the family must be up to R$210.

Finally, people who have in their family settings members who receive the Continuous Cash Benefit are also eligible to be covered by the transfers of the installments.

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How to consult?

Interested parties have two ways to consult the status of Auxílio Brasil. Therefore, they are: via the Caixa Tem app and via the Auxílio Brasil app. With this, it is not necessary for the person to travel to one of the CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Center) posts.

Regarding the consultation using Caixa Tem, the interested party must open the application and access the initial menu. Then, select the option “Auxílio Brasil”. Once this is done, the application will be able to inform the account holder about whether or not they have approved the benefit.

On the other hand, through the Auxílio Brasil app, interested parties must access the main menu. Soon after, they must select the option that reads “I want to register”. With this, right on the home page, the user will be able to see if the installments can be released to the CPF informed or not.

To download the apps, the links are as follows:

1) Box Has:

2) Aid Brazil:

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