Find out which dog breeds are the smartest

It is not today that the dogs they are partners of human beings, after all, this connection started more or less 15 thousand years ago. After many studies on these animals, some races gained prominence for their intelligence, and with that in mind, we made a list of the five smartest dog breeds. Check out!

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Smartest Dogs – Check the ranking

First, know that this “intelligence” of dogs is measured according to some parameters, namely: the ability of the animal to obey the tutor, accept commands and present a greater facility for training.

With that in mind, check out the list of the smartest breeds, according to the ranking prepared by Professor Stanley Coren from Columbia University (Canada), present in the book “The Intelligence of Dogs” (from Ediouro).

5. Dobermann

They are dogs known for their courage and loyalty. However, everyone has a different temperament. In this way, they can be more aggressive or docile, depending on their behavior and, of course, on the way they are raised.

4. Golden Retriever

Known for being extremely docile, the Golden Retriever is considered by many people as the “dream dog”. They are always willing to learn new tricks and are sometimes used as guide dogs, since they are active dogs, who love to help and please (even those they don’t know so well).

3. German Shepherd

This breed has been the official companion of the army, as well as the police and other security services. So it’s no wonder it’s among the smartest races. German Shepherds are very easy to train and, thanks to their excellent sense of smell, are also used as search and rescue dogs.

2. Poodle

Many think that Poodles are just for cute fashion accessories, but the truth is that this is one of the smartest breeds. In reality, they were created to help search for things that had fallen into the water; consequently, they are excellent swimmers.

1. Border Collie

Champions in obedience, winners among herd guard dogs, stars in agility: here are the Border Collies! Most dogs of this breed are able to learn a new command in less than five seconds and follow it 95% of the time. These dogs have a stare that intimidates cattle, and if you’re not smart, it can intimidate you too!

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