Glove de Pedreiro says he didn’t break up with ex-manager for money: ‘Here they take good care of my family’

Mason’s Glove received the BID! for a chat at his new home, in Greater Recife, in Pernambuco, this Friday afternoon. The influencer was open to dealing with all matters in his life, despite making it clear that he sees the breakup with ex-manager Allan Jesus like a page turned.

– This chat is not to talk about that subject, right? – She said, laughing, in a joking tone, before finishing.

– These matters (of justice) I try not to get involved. I just want to make my videos and take care of my family and friends.

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mason's glove

Luva poses in front of her new home in Recife (Photo: Ricardo Guimarães/Lance)

Iran showed that her humility and charisma don’t end when the camera is turned off. The influencer took a tour with L! by the new mansion in a closed condominium and showed that it is being well taken care of.

– I like this house here, but it’s more for work, you know? Makes things easier (for career management). But what I really like is my land (Quijingue, interior of Bahia). From my people, from my friends. The people here take good care of me and my family.

mason's glove

Iran is living facing the sea in a mansion with a swimming pool (Photo: Ricardo Guimarães/Lance)

In previous interviews for TV stations, Iran complained of a lack of privacy and care for his family. To L !, Luva said that she thinks that the control would be a way for him not to change his manager, which ended up happening precisely for this reason.

– I don’t like to talk about it, no. I don’t care about money. I want to make my videos and be happy. Help the people of my city,” he said, cutting the topic short.

The influencer’s house was busy around lunchtime and was getting more and more crowded during the afternoon. Iran stated that the team was there to produce material that would soon be used.

– They take care of my social networks and help me. They’re always around here,” she said.

mason's glove

Luva gave an exclusive interview to LANCE! (Photo: Ricardo Guimarães/Lance)

Luva joked that he doesn’t care much for technology. He also said that he is a fan of LANCE! and that the site’s social networks repost videos of him from the time he wasn’t so famous. About the future, the young man was cautious and said that many of the news were signed in confidentiality agreements.

the influencer travels to Europe this weekend and will spend two weeks at Velo Continente. The rest of the trip, he said, is a secret. However, he added that he has schedule appointments for almost every day.

On Monday the LANCE! will publish all the details of the visit to Luva de Pedreiro on the website, on Youtube and on social networks.

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