Google’s digital wallet arrives in Brazil and you can now use it

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Like it or not, cell phones have already become an indispensable product in our lives. After all, these devices offer several practicalities that go far beyond audio or video conversations at a distance, such as accessing your bank account and conducting online surveys.

Because of this, large technology companies invest heavily in more features for smartphones, such as Google’s Digital Wallet, which allows innovating the way Brazilians pay their bills.

What is Google Wallet?

Called Google Wallet in English, this is a service created by Big Tech that allows Android device users to pay for items or services through credit or debit cards with their smartphone. For this, the approximation method is used.

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On the 20th, Google announced the arrival of the application for Brazilians, which greatly pleased Android users. Now, it will be possible to make payments at bars, hairdressers, cinema box offices and many others with just a few taps on your cell phone.


In order for payments to reach a wide variety and quantity of services, the technology company has partnered with several Brazilian banks and financial institutions. These are:

  • Neon
  • Next
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • XP
  • Bank of Brazil
  • Bradesco
  • BTG
  • C6Bank
  • Cashier
  • digit
  • Link
  • Inter

How to use Google Digital Wallet?

After downloading the app available for Android and Wear OS devices, just open it and choose the option you want to add to payments. For this, you can fill in the data manually or even photograph the card.

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Furthermore, for the method to work, your phone must contain NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, present in most modern cell phones. With this, at the time of payment, just bring the device closer to the machine and wait for the transaction to be completed.

Too many resources

However, Google Wallet is not just about payments. The application will also allow the user to store digital tickets for concerts, boarding passes on planes and even their proof of vaccination.

It is important to inform you that through Google Digital Wallet it will be possible to store tickets for Rock in Rio 2022.

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