Hollywood Foreign Press Association acquired by Eldridge Industries; changes at the Golden Globes are expected

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In the midst of various controversies, members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) agreed to the acquisition of the institution by Eldridge Industries. With this, new changes are expected for the next editions of the Golden Globeaccording to an official statement from the HFPA (via THR).

Eldridge Industries is owned by entrepreneur Todd Boehly, and will reorganize the HFPA into a for-profit institution to administer and hold the Golden Globes annually. The income raised by the event will then be donated to a non-profit institution focused on philanthropic projects. The agreement also provides for the creation of permanent staff and executive staff for the holding of the Golden Globes and administration of the HFPA. New voters in the awards will also be added, aiming to increase the size and diversity of the voter pool.

The most recent edition of the Golden Globes took place privately and without television broadcast. The controversy over the HFPA and its organizational structure has been going on for some time, since the newspaper Los Angeles Times, published in February 2021 an article about the entity’s questionable financial practices, in addition to exposing its poor history of diversity and representation, reaching the height of not even having black members. The HFPA even released a program of reforms that aimed to carry out the necessary reforms, in addition to new restrictions on gifts and payments that its voting members can receive from studios and production companies, but without stipulating a timeframe or timetable for implementation.

The credibility of the HFPA, which is a not-for-profit organization, has been deeply damaged since before the current controversy, with the entity promoting stopgap measures year after year as it came under more criticism. Giants such as Warner, Netflix and Amazon – in addition to NBC itself – came together to promote a boycott of the awards and cut ties with the entity. Actors such as Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo joined the protests, calling for artists to “distance themselves” from the HFPA; Tom Cruise, in turn, returned the three awards he won over the years as a form of protest. In the last campaign season, studios and films left out the name of the Golden Globes among the desired awards.

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