Landim criticizes Vasco about Maracanã: ‘Sniper’

Amid the many speculations about the project to build a stadium for Flamengo, the club’s president, Rodolfo Landim, said that the red-black remains interested in the management of Maracanã. This Thursday, after a long wait, the Government of the State of Rio released the bidding documents for the stadium, currently managed by the duo Fla-Flu, for the next 20 years.

In an interview with the website Uol, Landim explained that building his own space at Gasómetro remains an option, but, as it is a long-term plan, the red-black will continue to need a stadium to play their matches. Therefore, it intends to dispute the new Maracanã concession. “We don’t have a better option. But the future belongs to God”, said Landim.

Landim also commented on the “tug of war” with Vasco, who, in a good phase in Serie B, sees tickets for games in São Januário sell out quickly (capacity is almost 22 thousand fans) and has been fighting in court for the right to use the Maracanã. The red-black leader made harsh criticisms of the Cruz-Maltina stance.

“Vasco was formally invited to participate in the concession and declined at the time, claiming to have his own stadium and not need to play at Maracanã. Flamengo and Fluminense have managed Maracanã since May 2019, we faced the Covid period with huge losses and no one asked to play there”, fired Landim: “There are numerous technical reports made by agronomists demonstrating that consecutive games with less than 48 hours for lawn maintenance have an exponential harmful effect. But Vasco does not respect any of that, even because he is a sniper. common sense and understanding there”.

The president of the red-black team stressed that the tricolor carioca was the one who suffered the most this year with the need to change game locations.

“Fluminense was the most affected because it stopped playing the two pre-Libertadores games there. But they negotiated to play them in São Januário with Vasco’s obvious agreement. It is fair to give Vasco or any other club the right, being the Flamengo and Fluminense the concessionaires, to choose dates to play at Maracanã, even if clearly contributing to destroying the lawn and harming the quality of football to be played in the stadium?”, he questioned.

Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo

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