Pedro Raul decides in the end, and Goiás beats Coritiba in the opening of the return

In the opening of the return of the Brazilian Championship, Goiás had a great scorer from Pedro Raul to beat Coritiba by 1 to 0 today (30). The game was lukewarm towards a fair draw without goals until the scorer sent it with a head towards the goal and guaranteed the celebration of the fans in Serrinha, in Goiânia.

In an afternoon with a performance well below the two teams, Coritiba took more danger in the first half, stopping in Tadeu. After the break, the game dropped in intensity and there were few dangerous shots until Pedro Raul, the tournament’s runner-up with 11 goals, hit the net in the 34th minute.

With the victory, Esmeraldino overtakes the opponent in the table and arrives, provisionally, at 11th place, with 25 points. Coxa follows with 22 and drops to 14th.

Who did well: Tadeu guarantees the victory

Once again, the goalkeeper saved Esmeraldino. With a totally reflex defense and another that required a lot of skill and elasticity, both at the end of the first half, the defender ensured that the defense was not leaked.

Who was wrong: Nicolas helps little

On a day when both teams did poorly, the Goiás forward was the worst due to the lack of participation. Without appearing on the field, he was substituted at 26 ‘of the second stage for Renato Junior’s entry.

Goiás performance: Second half

Jair Ventura set up a team in an offensive thesis, but that could not break the block with three defenders adopted by the club from Paraná. Insisting a lot on trying to create through the middle, Esmeraldino couldn’t enter the area and demanded little from Alex Muralha. However, the team changed its posture after the break, giving more the ball to the rival and betting on a quick transition. The team grew in production and won the triumph.

Coritiba’s performance: Speed ​​and kick

If they didn’t have the ball so much, Coxa could make the quick transition and find spaces in the opposing defense to finish on goal. The team was closer to the goal, however it stopped at the goalkeeper Tadeu. In the second half, production dropped a lot and allowed the opponent to triumph.

match chronology

The first 30 minutes until the hydration stop had little emotion. The visitors had the best chances with Alef Manga, who tried for cover in the 11′, and Adrián Martínez, who shot from inside the area in the 17′, but the ball deflected and went through the back line.

Coxa improved after the break and forced goalkeeper Tadeu to make two great saves. Guillermo hit at close range, at 43′. A minute later, Alex Manga caught it on the first try, but the defender managed to palm it. Finally, Alex Manga had another chance in stoppage time, but he caught it weak and made life easier for the archer.

The match cooled even further on the return of the break. However, the scenario changed with the hosts being more dangerous and betting on counterattacks. Pedro Raul took advantage of Tadeu’s good throw-in, at 20′, advanced on the right and hit a cross, close to the post.

Pedro Raul, then, returned to decide for Goiás. After Danilo Barcelos’ cross from the left, Dadá Belmonte deflected his head and the scorer appeared alone on the second post to ensure the home team’s triumph. Goiás still had two chances to expand. At 41, Caio Vinicius dropped the bomb and almost did. In stoppage time, Pedro Raul hit face to face, however Muralha saved.

Egidio sent off after VAR review

The left side left his left arm and hit Maguinho, at 40′ of the second half. Nothing was scored on the field, but after consulting the monitor, Wagner do Nascimento expelled the defender.

next games

The two clubs face São Paulo in the 21st round of the Brasileirão. Esmeraldino visits Palmeiras on Sunday (7), at 4pm. A day later, on Monday (8), at 8 pm, Coxa receives Santos at Couto Pereira.


Serie A of the Brazilian Championship – 20th round
Date: July 30, 2022, Saturday
Time: 16:30 (from Brasilia)
Place: Halié Pinheiro Stadium, Serrinha, in Goiânia (GO)
Referee: Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães (RJ)
assistants: Rodrigo Figueiredo Henrique Correa (RJ) and Thiago Henrique Neto Correa Farinha (RJ)
VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (SP)
Goal: Pedro Raul, at 34’/2nd (GOI)
Yellow cards: Maguinho (GOI); Adrian Martinez, Willian Farias (CTB)
Red card: Egidio (CTB)

GOIÁS: Thaddeus; Maguinho, Lucas Halter (Danilo Cardoso), Caetano and Juan Pablo (Danilo Barcelos); Auremir (Caio), Diego, Dadá Belmonte and Vinícius (Henrique Lordelo); Nicolas (Renato Junior) and Pedro Raul. Technician: Jair Ventura.

CORITIBA: Alex Muralha; Guillermo (Régis), Henrique and Luciano Castán; Matheus Alexandre, Willian Farias, Bruno Gomes (Trindade) and Egídio; Alef Manga, Igor Paixão and Adrián Martínez (Léo Gamalho). Technician: Gustavo Morínigo.

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