Repair Mode: Samsung launches feature that protects user data on cell phones in service

Samsung announced this Friday (29) a new function to protect the data of users who need to take their devices to technical assistance. “Repair Mode” allows your smartphone or tablet to enter a safe mode that restricts access to your personal information.

When you activate Repair Mode, the device restarts and now displays only pre-installed apps, as well as blocking access to personal data — such as photos, videos, messages and registered accounts. This bypasses the need to reset the phone or tablet to factory settings and perform the entire backup process after the service.

When the device leaves the service, the user simply deactivates the Repair Mode by entering their fingerprint, face or other form of lock used. The device will restart again and all personal data and applications will be restored — exactly the same way they were before activating the tool.

Naturally, the settings changed by the repair technician are retained, which means that software-level repairs will also benefit from the privacy offered by Repair Mode. The function also allows a log to be created (without using the user’s personal data) to help the specialist identify the problem.

(Updated July 30, 2022 at 10:12 am)

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