Rumor: New Tomb Raider Will Show Lara as Leader of a Group of Explorers

The new Tomb Raider will be able to put Lara Croft in front of a challenge of such scale that the protagonist will need the help of other explorers, who will be trained and led by the famous protagonist of the series in a new mission to save the world.

According to Sacred Symbols (thanks VGC) the team responsible for the game is looking for actors to give life to the various characters in the game and among the information about the next Tomb Raider, known internally as Project Jawbreaker, it is advanced that this is a game of action-adventure in which the modern world was rocked by a cataclysm.

According to information in this script, which allegedly belongs to the next Tomb Raider, the team is looking for a British actress in her 30s, Emily Blunt is a reference for the casting, being mentioned that she will have to star in romantic scenes with another woman.

The script says that Lara has left behind her days of uncertainty and is now at her best, fearless and not thinking about childhood trauma. She is living an adventure-filled explorer’s life, which has made her repeatedly in the news around the world and inspired a new generation of explorers who want to hunt for treasure.

Despite embracing the life of a tomb explorer and working to prevent ancient relics from ending up in the wrong hands, Lara will now face a problem she can’t solve alone and decide to train more people who dream of exploring the adventurous life. However, after years of exploring on her own, she will now have to learn to work as a team.

This suggests that the next Tomb Raider will have a multiplayer component and could emerge as a co-op action-adventure experience in the world of Tomb Raider.

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