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With the arrival of 5G technology in Brazil, many people live the expectation of also enjoying this new moment of internet expansion. In addition, a well-known device of the Brazilian family must also undergo a up grade. The famous television (TV) can get even better with the Antenna Kit of Federal government and check it out: completely free of charge. Learn more about this in our article below.

See how to request the installation of the Government Antenna Kit – Image: Disclosure

Antenna Kit and the arrival of 5G

Since July, the implementation of the fifth generation internet in the country began. Firstly in the Federal District, the next capitals that are preparing to receive the innovative technology are João Pessoa, in Paraíba, Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais and Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul. But still, this expansion can bump into the TV signal via satellite dish. According to industry experts, before installing 5G, it is necessary to “clean up” this type of frequency and this would directly affect open TV signals. Therefore, a kind of kit was created to guarantee quality television for all Brazilians.

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Get to know Siga Antenado

Namely, the name of this entity, which brought together several telephone operators in the country, came to be known as Stay tuned. The objective, in short, is to help the population during the transition of frequencies, with the distribution and installation of kits with a new digital satellite dish. This transition process, by the way, has already begun and several people can now request theirs completely free of charge.

For this, the family needs to be part of the Single Registry (CadÚnico) which promotes inclusion in the Federal Government’s social programs. They also need to have a conventional satellite dish installed and working. For those who use digital antennas or are TV subscribers, it will not be necessary to change equipment because the operators themselves must carry out the procedure. The measure is even included in the public notice for the 5G Bidding Auction, where it is informed that this process should take up to 90 days from the start of operation of the new network.

How to order the Antenna Kit

Persons eligible to receive the Antenna Kit must access the website of Stay tuned in or call the phone 0800-729-2404. When using the Social Registration Number (NIS) or CPF, the person must request the kit and schedule the installation at no cost.

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