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A curse for some has become a blessing for American Eugene Finney. It wasn’t until seven years later that he made public an incident that happened in Huntington Beach, California, where he was vacationing with his girlfriend and children, which saved his life.

In July 2015, on vacation at the beach, Eugene went for a swim in the sea with his daughter, while his son and his girlfriend were sunbathing on the sand. As he swam, he felt a dry bench as if something was crushing his back. The shock was so strong that he returned to the sand still dizzy.

“I would say it’s like being hit by a ton of bricks, or being whipped by a car, but it’s not that,” he explained. “I had never been hit like this before,” she said.

Upon getting out of the water, his family noticed that he was bleeding from his back and saw that he had a cut of at least 30 centimeters on his upper back.

The next day, a surfer reported a great white shark sighting in the same spot where they were and Eugene connected the dots. He had been attacked by a great white shark!

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After a few days, he began to have symptoms such as chest pain, breathing problems and decided to seek a doctor. The chest pain was nothing serious, just a consequence of the collision with the shark, but during the examination the doctor discovered that he had a small cancerous tumor in his right kidney.

Fortunately, the cancer was diagnosed early and minor surgery removed the tumor and only a small part of her kidney.

“I got a message from Mother Nature. That’s what started this series of events that brought me to the hospital. Otherwise, I would never have gotten in, and they wouldn’t have discovered the cancer,” she said.

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