Surprise everyone by using two photos on WhatsApp from now on

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to have two photos on WhatsApp. In fact, it would be like users duplicating an image of themselves in the messenger profile.

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If you saw it and felt like having two photos on WhatsApp too, we separated a special tip. You will need an app called PicsArt. Don’t worry, it’s a safe software that won’t be used to make changes to the messenger. It only works to edit your photos.

Step by step to put two photos on WhatsApp

If your goal is to put two pictures on your WhatsApp profile, just follow the steps listed below:

1 – The first thing to do is open the PicsArt application and go to the Collages area;

2 – Tap on the “Grids” option;

3 – Look for the two photos you want to use on your profile (they must be in your cell phone gallery);

4 – At the top of the screen will appear some pre-defined collage templates. By dragging to the side, you can check them all, so analyze what suits you best;

5 – Once you find the ideal duplicate photo template, just tap on “Next”;

6 – Go to the editing tool and tap on the two photos to adjust them as you prefer;

7 – Touch the green part and drag vertically or horizontally;

8 – In “Bordas” you can narrow or widen the frame of the images;

9 – After finishing editing, you must tap on “save”;

10 – Tap “Save” again to leave the image ready inside your device;

11 – Open WhatsApp, tap the three dots and access the messenger settings;

12 – Tap on your current photo and go to gallery;

13 – Select the image you created and tap “Ok”;

14 – Okay, now you can squander your two photos on WhatsApp.

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