Switzerland renounces neutrality, threatens to sanction China

Switzerland has given up neutrality and threatened to impose sanctions on China if it invades Taiwan. the secretary of State for Economic AffairsMarie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, said the country will follow the European Union (EU) and implement any punitive measures in case of invasion.

THE China has been intensifying military activity around Taiwan, seeking to pressure the government there to accept Chinese sovereignty. Taiwan’s government says only the island’s 23 million people can decide its future and that, while it wants peace, it will defend itself if attacked.

When asked by the Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung, the secretary stated that “in the case of China, the sanctions would be much more drastic”, compared to the retaliations applied against Russia. “Economic relations with China are much more important. So there would probably be bigger discussions than there was on the question of Russia. But I hope it never comes to that,” said Ineichen-Fleisch.

As of this month, Switzerland has frozen 6.7 billion Swiss francs (more than R$36 billion) in Russian financial assets and 15 properties. The country is a popular destination for Moscow’s elite and a holding place for Russian wealth.

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