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The eternal red dress arrived in Springfield at a bargain price

Julia Roberts, Jessica Rabbit (of course) and Marilyn Monroe are some of the Hollywood stars who made this piece of history.

These days, cinema is influenced by fashion, and fashion also goes after cinema. After the launch of a successful project, the different brands rushed to create collaborations with graphic T-shirts of the great pop hits of the moment. And it’s almost impossible to create a good movie without an even better wardrobe. Even when the pieces are not the prettiest visually, they end up conveying a message.

This is the case with red, one of the colors we find most in the bodies of iconic characters. Julia Roberts surprised everyone with this look in “Pretty Woman” in 1990. Jessica Rabbit became an unexpected sex symbol in 1988. And a few years earlier, in the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe took their status as icons further. Time separates them, but there is something that brings them together: the icons dressed in red.

The use of this clothing and its representation in the arts are not exclusive to the 20th and 21st century. Quite the opposite. More than 500 years ago, there were already records of sensual figures who starred in works with a red garment.

In 1437 the painter and Christian devotee Jan van Eyck painted Lucca Madonna, a picture depicting the Virgin Mary holding Jesus in her arms. Around the body of the mother of Christ is seen nothing more, nothing less, than an enormous red cloak, which represented a connection to God and to life.

Springfield Red skater dress

It is an unavoidable phenomenon of fashion, history and human culture, and there is no shortage of proposals for charming dresses in the different stores. Springfield is one of them. In this case, it has a pretty straight silhouette, except for the V-neck. it is moderate but adds a certain irreverence to it. The underside of the garment also has a very classic look, thanks to the waves at the hem. It sits just above the knees, making it the ideal dress for hot days.

Its casual design means that it can be combined with sneakers and other more relaxed footwear, in addition, of course, to the traditional high heels. It normally costs €65. Thanks to the sales season, it’s on sale for €39. It’s an online exclusive, so you’ll only find it on the Spanish label’s website.

Click through the gallery and discover some perfect dresses for summer.

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