This is the new near-perfect scam tricks hundreds in the WhatsApp app; learn how to avoid fraud – Metro World News Brasil

PSafe has already identified 17 websites that misuse the name of the Federal Government’s “Auxílio Brasil” program to carry out scams in recent days.

In the period, more than 140,000 coup attempts have already been blocked, equivalent to more than 20,000 per day, as detailed by PSafe, in a statement.

This is the new almost perfect scam tricks hundreds in the WhatsApp app

A message arrives on the victim’s device saying that she is entitled to benefit from the program, even promising amounts up to six times the actual amount.

Or, the victim receives a message with a link to check if he is entitled to the benefit, simply by entering some data to make the false verification.

“These messages have been disseminated mostly via WhatsApp, but it is also possible that they arrive via SMS or email”, he detailed.

And the data collected in this scam is usually used later, so if the person has completed this registration, you need to be aware of any strange movement on the device or using your name in the coming months.

Also according to the information, to prevent fraud, it is necessary to have a security solution installed on the device to block malicious links.

Also take note of the information shared on the internet, especially when it comes to supposed promotions, gifts, discounts or proposals that are too good to be true. Always try to confirm the veracity on the official pages. Finally, never inform sensitive data on links of dubious origin.

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