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Gboard is the official Google keyboard for Android and iPhone (iOS) and has several features that can facilitate your communication via WhatsApp. Some functions are useful to save time, like adding a shortcut to ready messages and saving clipboard items, for example. Other tools, on the other hand, can make a difference in the usability of the messaging app, such as the option to type by voice or even change the keyboard layout to use it with one hand. It’s worth mentioning that, on Apple devices, Gboard needs to be installed via the App Store and set as primary.

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Another important aspect to mention is that, although the application has support for iPhone (iOS), the features presented in this list can only be played on smartphones with Android operating system. Here are five interesting features that Gboard has that can change the way you use WhatsApp.

Discover five Gboard features to use on WhatsApp — Photo: Helito Beggiora/TechTudo

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1. Create a custom emoji

Gboard makes it possible to combine emojis to create a personalized sticker – so it is possible, for example, to combine a heart and a happy face to obtain a smiling heart. The option can be relevant to generate different emoji results and increase the repertoire of faces to use in conversations, ensuring more customization.

To use the feature, open the messenger and press the typing area. Then tap the emoji icon and choose the combination to send. You can cross as many stickers as you want to get more unique sticker options.

Send custom emojis on WhatsApp using Gboard keyboard — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

2. Configure automatic replies

The Google keyboard offers another interesting function, which is to create shortcuts for ready-made answers. The setting allows you to enter numbers, letters or symbols which, when typed on the clipboard, display the saved message to be sent. The feature can be useful for storing frequently used responses, such as an address.

To access the functionality, open the Gboard app and go to “Dictionary” > “Personal Dictionary”. Then select the desired language and tap the plus symbol in the upper right corner. Enter the message to be saved and the corresponding shortcut. Then press the confirmation symbol. That way, whenever the element is typed in WhatsApp, the saved phrase will be displayed for easy forwarding.

Gboard allows you to save messages to be added by shortcut — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

3. Transcribe audio to text (Voice Typing)

Voice typing is also possible via Gboard. The keyboard allows, when activating the function, the spoken words are recognized and placed in text format in the typing area. It is also possible to verbalize punctuation for them to be added to the sentences. In this way, the mechanism can be useful to optimize time when sending a written message, or it can be used at times when you cannot use your hands to type, for example.

To use the method, just open the Google keyboard in WhatsApp, tap the microphone icon and wait for the phrase “Speak now” to appear on the screen. Then, just say the words you want, and Gboard will insert them into the clipboard. To finish, press the microphone symbol again.

Voice typing feature is possible with the Gboard app — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

4. One-hand typing

One more possibility of Gboard is the option to change the keyboard layout to facilitate one-handed typing. The feature reduces the area of ​​keys and buttons, placing it on only one side of the screen, so that the user can choose the desired side. You can choose between left, right or freely.

To use the function, open the keyboard in the messenger, tap the three horizontal dots and press “One hand only”. If you prefer to relocate the tool, just tap the side arrow or scroll symbol.

Type more easily with one hand when using the Gboard keyboard feature — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

5. Check clipboard

Google Keyboard even lets you store clipboard texts for up to an hour. Unlike other keyboards – which only show what was last copied and pasted – Gboard has a recent history. Also, you can delete items or pin them to the tool for later use.

To use the feature, open the three dots on the Gboard keyboard, tap on “Clipboard” and enable the function by moving the ball to the right. Under “Recents”, you can view what was copied. If you want to edit, click on the pencil icon to delete or pin the element.

Save clipboard items with Gboard — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

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