With 65 years of history, Barbie still has many versions to offer.

Barbie and Ken are back! Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling have become a fever on social media in recent weeks as they appear dressed as the iconic dolls in the character’s live-action recordings.

Behind-the-scenes photos from the film – due in July 2023 – show the actors in flamboyant and flashy outfits, from neon colors in workout clothes to pink country outfits with sequins. Little is known about the plot, but netizens are already excited to see the two working together in the new feature.


Conceived by Ruth Handler, wife of Mattel founder Elliot Handler, Barbie was created in 1958 by the American designer Jack Ryan. The doll was named after the couple’s daughter, Barbara, as well as her brother, Ken, who was born to the pop icon’s boyfriend a few years later.

A global success since launch, Barbie is a symbol of fashion, youth, determination and versatility. It represents the various career possibilities that a woman can have, regardless of any conditions imposed on her.

the most iconic

With so many years of life, the fashion doll has been everything. From hippie to president of the United States, she has also embodied great icons of pop culture, from movie muses to top models.

To illustrate a little of the trajectory, meet some of the most famous versions of the doll:


  • First black Barbie (1980)

MONDO FASHION / Reproduction

  • Becky doll, the paraplegic friend (1997)


  • Audrey Hepburn doll (1998)

Doll Collector / Reproduction

Etsy / Reproduction

The doll has 65 years of history and continues to reinvent and modernize itself to this day. So, the metropolises separated nine of the newest Barbie variants so you can have fun at home!

Barbie mermaid rainbow color

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Barbie Cutie Reveal

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basic princess barbie

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Barbie vitamin stall

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barbie magic braids

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barbie pool

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fairy barbie

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traveler barbie

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Barbie bath in pets

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