Zelensky visits port during grain export resumption

An agreement between Russia and Ukraine was signed last week to resume grain exports from Black Sea ports.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesky visited the port of Chornomorsk, in Odessa, on Friday (29.Jul.2022) during the resumption of grain exports in Black Sea ports. No

Last Friday (22.Jul.2022), Russia and Ukraine signed an export agreement for tons of grain in Istanbul, with Turkey and the United Nations.

The president visited the site while workers loaded the terminals for the start of grain exports, which had been paralyzed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

“The first ship, the first ship has been loaded since the beginning of the war. This is a Turkish ship. This shows that the port has started to work”said Zelensky.

The Ukrainian leader said he was waiting for signs from the UN (United Nations) and Turkey for the start of grain transport, which, according to Zelensky, should start in the coming days.

“Our side is fully prepared. We send all the signals to our partners – UN and Turkey, and our military ensures the security situation. The Minister of Infrastructure is in direct contact with the Turkish side and the UN, we are waiting for a signal from them that we can start.”he said.

The agreement signed on July 22 provides for the reopening of Ukrainian ports to the Black Sea, freeing the flow of more than 20 million tons of grain from Ukraine. The blockade at the beginning of the war caused food prices to rise globally.

The agreement is for a period of 120 days, with the possibility of negotiation, and provides for the export of 5 million tons of grain per month.

From the beginning of the war, Russia took some Ukrainian Black Sea ports and blocked others, which caused the loss of cargo ships carrying corn, wheat, sunflower seeds, barley and oats. As a result, Ukraine’s exports plummeted, which contributed to rising global food prices and fears of widespread famine, particularly in the poorest countries.

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