27-year-old Chinese man can’t get a job because of childish looks

Chinese man can't find a job because of his childish appearance (Reproduction)

Chinese man can’t find a job because of his childish appearance (Reproduction)

Chinese Mao Sheng, 27, used his social media to complain about the difficulty they have been facing in getting a job.

Born in the province of Guandong, China, the boy appears to be much younger, being mistaken for a child at various times.

In videos posted on TikTok, Sheng says that because he looks like a child, employers assume he’s not an adult and deny him a job. According to the young man, companies fear being punished for violating labor laws, which prohibit child labor in the country.

Sheng argues that he needs a job to support his father, who is unable to work after suffering a stroke.

Mao Sheng also reported that he was looking for a vacancy together with a friend who quickly got an opportunity, while he, due to his appearance, was not so lucky.

However, due to the repercussion of his videos on social media, Sheng went public to report that he luckily got a spot. In one of the publications, the Chinese even showed his identity document to prove that he is really 27 years old, having been born in 1995.

Sheng doesn’t even say if he suffers from any disease that makes him look like a child. Other similar cases like that of the Chinese have already been recorded around the world, being a rare condition. Fabry disease is a genetic condition that affects between 1 and 3 people in every 100,000 births worldwide. The condition results from a partial or total deficiency in the amount of a type of enzyme necessary for the metabolism of certain lipid substances in the body.

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