Beginner projects can pay R$ 270.00 quickly

Currently, the dream of many Brazilians is to earn money online and supplement their income without leaving home. After all, a lot of people lost income during the Covid-19. Therefore, the public is asking: how to find an online work platform with reliable payments in 2022? To discover interesting options, many people end up trusting the promises of Brazilian youtubers – which is never recommended.

Recently, famous Brazilian youtubers began to promote the site 99Freelas as a platform for miraculous profits. In the videos, influencers do everything to convince followers to try their luck on the site. For this, they claim that it is possible to “make R$ 270 quickly” with the platform. But the public wants to know: are these promises reliable? With that in mind, check out our review of the 99Freelas website below and see if it’s worth it.

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99Freelas – Discover the online work platform

As we mentioned earlier, many Brazilian youtubers promote the 99Freelas website. Influencers suggest that the platform is a great novelty. However, this is not true. 99Freelas, on the other hand, is one of the most famous freelance job sites in Brazil. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the site was already very successful on the internet. Today, the platform already has millions of employees.

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Is it possible to earn BRL 270 quickly with 99Freelas? How much does the site pay?

99Freelas, first of all, is an excellent option for those who want to earn money on the internet. The income generation process, however, is much more complex than Brazilian youtubers claim. The promise of “quick profit of R$ 270” is completely exaggerated, and only serves to draw the attention of followers.

Regarding 99Freelas payments, it is impossible to establish a specific amount. After all, they are defined in trading. The registration of the platform is free. However, the site charges a fee of 5% to 20% (minimum R$10) for all offers that are accepted by the contractors. The fee, in this sense, is on the final value.

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Does 99Freelas really pay? Is online work platform worth it for amateurs?

The 99Freelas website is safe and reliable. As one of the most popular online job sites in Brazil, 99Freelas has already acted in the intermediation of numerous contracts. In other words, the platform is an interesting option for professionals who want to earn money as freelancers. The keyword here is “professional”. Therefore, the site is not worth it for amateurs.

Just put yourself in the contractor’s shoes to reach that conclusion. Anyone who wants to hire an IT developer, for example, will always prefer consolidated professionals, with proven experience and a well-built portfolio. The same is repeated in all other areas of activity. In other words: despite the promises of Brazilian youtubers, the alternative is not interesting for beginners and amateurs.

If you want to try your luck on the platform, registration is available at That way, you don’t have to use the invite link that youtubers share.

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps or games. Always research before downloading or accessing any platform on your mobile.

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