Brazilian women’s team beats Colombia and wins the Copa America for the 8th time

Brazilian women's team beats Colombia and wins the Copa America for the 8th time

Brazilian women’s team beats Colombia and wins the Copa America for the 8th time

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Six games, 100% success, 20 goals scored and none conceded. There are no rivals for the Brazilian women’s team in South America. With a perfect campaign crowned 1-0 over the hostess Colombia, this Saturday, at the Alfonso López Stadium, in Bucaramanga, Pia Sundhage’s team lifted the Copa America trophy for the eighth time in nine editions. Only in 2006 did the trophy go to another country, with the Argentina.

In its most complicated game in the competition, the Brazilian team had some scares and needed a penalty to guarantee a new conquest. Debynha was tackled and hit with style to put Brazil in front – the lone goal of the match. For the first time, a game on the mainland had video refereeing.

It was the first achievement under the direction of Pia Sundhage. Precisely on the day that the Swedish coach completed three years in charge of green yellow. A fair prize for the coach who took a renewed team to the competition in Colombia.

In the ceremony that preceded the final, the former player Formiga entered with the cup in the stadium. Idol and pioneer of the Brazilian team, the eternal number 8 followed the conquest of the stands.


After its eighth cup in nine editions of the Copa América de Futebol Feminino, the Brazilian team took to the field with all adverse weather conditions. In addition to all the Colombian fans against, there was still a demand for better football after not playing well against Paraguay in the semifinals.

On the positive side, the fact that he won his five games without conceding in the competition and with a devastating attack of 19 goals (4-0 in Argentina, 3-0 in Uruguay, 4-0 in Venezuela, 6-0 in Peru and 2 to 0 against Paraguay). Opponents also had 100% success.

Coach Pia Sundhage promised a better presentation in the decision and maintenance of the ball. But a move after six minutes left the Brazilians shaken. Angelina injured her knee in a tackle in midfield and was substituted. On the bench, she cried a lot until she was pulled from an apple.

There were minutes of dominance by the housewives, pushed by the crowded stands. The 17-year-old prodigy Caicedo was startled. Colombia still scored from the outside with Ramirez and saw Ushe’s free kick stop in Lorena’s defense until Brazil evened out the decision. The Brazilians’ first big chance came in the middle of the first stage, with Antonia knocking out. The strong marking made actions difficult, irritating Pia, who asked for calm and gesticulated with the players.

The charge paid off. Adriana scared the beat scraping to the trainer’s applause. Gradually, Brazil began to impose its game and scare the Colombians. In a beautiful exchange of passes, Debynha was only stopped with a penalty. Shirt 9 took the ball and moved the goalkeeper to open the marker. Before the break, he still missed a precious chance to raise. After a very underwhelming first half, Brazil returned with a new attitude in the final stage, suffocating the local team. Before ten minutes, the advantage could be greater with good opportunities missed by Antonia, Bia Zaneratto and Debynha.

Lost on the field and without hiding their nervousness, the Colombians could only stop the Brazilians in the fouls, some with excess force. Only at 27 they managed to reach Lorena’s goal. In a weak kick. Brazil no longer had the same impetus it had at the beginning and again began to have scares. The insurmountable defense, however, prevailed and the cup ended with the favourites.

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