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Extraordinary book cover

Disclosure: Extraordinary – RJ Palacio – Intrinsic

“Extraordinary” is based on the eponymous bestseller by RJ Palace. According to the author, the idea for the book came about when she took her son out for ice cream and there they found a child with Treacher Collins Syndrome. The writer’s son began to cry when he saw him. The episode moved Palacio so much that she decided to write about how difficult it is to face a world that doesn’t know how to deal with difference. This event even became one of the scenes in the movie itself.


Extraordinary - Production

Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts and Izabela Vidovic – Disclosure: Lionsgate

Extraordinary is led by Stephen Chbosky (“Dear Evan Hansen” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) and is scripted by Stephen Chbosky (“Beauty and the Beast”), Steve Conrad (“Out of Control Business”) and Jack Thorne (“Enola Holmes”).
Among the producers are Michael Beugg (“Ghostbusters: Beyond”), David Hoberman (“Extinction”) and RJ Palacethe author of the book.

In family

RJ Palace and family

Author RJ Palacio with her children and husband – Reproduction

First time the brothers Jacob and Emma Tremblay act together. Jason Tremblay, the actors’ father, also appears in the film as the camp’s director. In addition, the Palácio family (pictured) also appear as extras.


Cast of Extraordinary

Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson in “Extraordinary” – Disclosure: Lionsgate

The cast is headed by Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, working together for the first time. the young actor Jacob Tremblaywho became known for his role in “Jack’s Room“, plays the main character, “Auggie”. The cast still has Daveed Diggs (“Hamilton”), Izabela Vidovic (“The Curse”), Mark Dozlaw (“The Secret of Christmas”), Rukiya Bernard (from the “Van Helsing” series), Noah Jupe (“Ford v Ferrari”) and Brazilian Sônia Braga.


Jacob Tremblay at the craniofacial children's association

Jacob Tremblay at the Craniofacial Children’s Association

Jacob Tremblay and his family visited a craniofacial children’s association, where the actor could meet children diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome.


Jacob Tremblay's Makeup in Extraordinary


To play Auggie, Jacob Tremblay needed two hours of makeup each day of shooting. The team’s effort earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Makeup and Hair.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts at" Extraordinary"

Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay in “Extraordinary” – Disclosure: Lionsgate

Julia Roberts, who plays Auggie’s mother, revealed that she couldn’t stop reading “Extraordinary.” The actress liked the story so much that she asked her agent to be cast if the work was adapted for cinema.

During filming, Julia Roberts never saw her face. Jacob Tremblay. He was always in character when the two met.

Auggie’s sister

Izabela Vidovic in Extraordinary

Izabela Vidovic in “Extraordinary” – Disclosure: Lionsgate

Via’s chapter, which tells the story through Auggie’s sister’s version, was one of the most emotional Julia Roberts. The actress said she was impacted by the chance to know the story from different points of view.

Daveed Diggs

Daveed Diggs in Extraordinary

Daveed Diggs in “Extraordinary” – Disclosure: Lionsgate

Daveed Diggs, who plays Mr. Browne, was a real-life teacher before becoming the star of the musical”Hamilton“. The actor revealed that it was nostalgic to reminisce about classroom times.

friendship on set

Jacob Tremblay and Noah Jupe in Extraordinary

Jacob Tremblay and Noah Jupe in “Extraordinary” – Disclosure: Lionsgate

The kids became real friends on set! Noah Jupe, who plays Jack Will, says he became very close to Jacob Tremblay. Noah had also read the book and was initially cast in the role of Julian.

Extraordinary trailer

Sources: Intrinsic Publisher, I Love Cinema

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