Click to win? Learn how the app that guarantees up to R$ 5.00 a day on Pix works

First, do you know the Cookies Pix app? According to Brazilian youtubers, the Click-to-Win application brings daily payments of R$ 5. To earn money, users (supposedly) just need to play a fun virtual game. The promises, as expected, caught the attention of many people. But followers want to know: is the platform really paying in 2022?

If you want to profit from the internet, first of all, be careful! Countless micro-task apps primarily fail to deliver on their payment promises. On the contrary: they hide virtual scams and pyramid schemes. Therefore, it is always worth distrusting the promises of youtubers. With that in mind, see below for our review of Cookies Pix, according to official information.

Does Click-to-Win App Really Pay? Image: Disclosure

Cookies Pix – Discover the Click-to-Win app

Firstly, Cookies Pix is ​​only available on the Play Store. Therefore, the app only works on phones with the Android operating system. Apparently, the app is still a big novelty on Google Play. After all, only a thousand people downloaded. Although it is aimed at the Brazilian market, Cookies Pix is ​​an application of an international company, identified only as Azury Games. The official description of the platform is in Portuguese, however, it is clearly an automatic translation.

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How to make money on Cookies Pix?

To earn money on Cookies Pix, according to the app’s official page, users have 3 options. First, it is possible to profit from the platform game. To do this, simply click on the screen and eliminate pieces of the cookie (cookie). Then users can also earn money watching ads. Finally, there is the possibility of supplementing the income with the referral link, which must be shared with people who have not yet registered for the app. Cookie Pix screenshots indicate that the app pays via Pix. However, it was not possible to confirm the veracity of this information.

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Does Pix really pay cookies? Is Click-to-Win App Trustworthy?

As we mentioned earlier, only a thousand people downloaded Cookies Pix from the Play Store. Due to the low number of downloads, user reviews have not yet been released. Without these comments, it’s impossible to know if the app really pays. After all, the “proof of payment” that youtubers share can be easily faked, and therefore, they are not to be trusted. In summary, our recommendation is to wait for the release of the comments to test the app.

If you still want to download the app and try your luck on the platform, the download is available at

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Discover the Nettli app and see if it’s worth it

Along with Cookies Pix, many youtubers promote the nettli platform. In the videos, influencers do everything to convince followers to try their luck on the platform. They claim, for example, that it is possible to guarantee huge profits just by watching ads. However, everything indicates that the platform is not worth it. Beforehand, users are encouraged to “buy a subscription plan”, something that is never recommended in micro-task apps.

As Nettli is not available on official app stores, we have chosen not to disclose the download link.

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps or games. Always research before downloading or accessing any platform on your mobile.

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