Everaldo makes two, and América-MG wins Avaí in Guerrero’s debut

After leaving behind the score at home, at Arena Independência, América-MG got the comeback, with two goals from Everaldo, 3-1 over Avaí in the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship. Today’s game (31) still had Guerrero’s debut in the second half, at the Santa Catarina club.

Avaí opened the scoring with Bissoli’s header, after 3′ of the ball rolling. After that, Alviverde grew and managed to draw with Henrique Almeida, at 33′. In the second half, Mancini made three changes that changed the game in the 18′. Benítez, Pedrinho and Wellington Paulista created the move that resulted in Everaldo’s turnaround goal, at 24′. Everaldo also extended it with a beautiful goal in the 44′.

With the victory, Coelho moves away from the relegation zone and reaches 13th place, with 24 points. Leão da Ilha, on the other hand, remains glued to the descent, in 16th, with 21.

Who did well: Vagner Mancini and Everaldo

He made a very good reading of the game in the second half. At 18′, he put Benítez, to help with creativity, Wellington Paulista, to increase the presence of the area, and Pedrinho, betting on skill on the left, and the three participated in the turnaround goal, at 24′. Everaldo, who made the second and third, also stood out in the duel.

Who was bad: Jean Pierre

The ball barely passed sock hair of the Santa Catarina team, which was not very connected on the field. Despite have if uncomfortable with the change, he deservedly left in the 12′ of the final stage for Jean Cléber to enter.

América-MG’s performance: Lack of creativity

The Minas Gerais team managed to have more possession and occupy the rival’s field, but could not find the gaps to complete their plays in the goal. The positive point was that striker Henrique Almeida moved well and managed to occupy the spaces on his own. In the second stage, the team grew in production and the changes made by Mancini ensured the three points.

Avaí’s performance: Vertically

The visitors didn’t waste much time touching the ball to find spaces. When they regained possession, they sought to advance and finish quickly. The team was less with the ball, but the alternative was effective in the first half, with a goal just three minutes in and another dangerous shot by Kevin, in the 37th minute. However, Avaí did little after the break and ended up giving the victory to the opponent.

game chronology

With only three minutes of ball rolling, Bissoli took advantage of the cross to head and open the scoring. América kept the ball more and, even without putting any pressure on it, went around the opponent’s area more until it was able to equalize in the 33′. Matheusinho crossed from the left and the ball crossed the entire area, without anyone deflecting it, until it left for Henrique Almeida, on the right, to hit hard and swell the net.

The home team came back better in the second half and had three chances to turn around in the first 20 minutes. Henrique Almeida missed the header with 1′, Danilo Avelar took a free-kick from the edge of the area in the middle of the goal and made life easier for Vladimir, who also made a great save with Lucas Kal’s first-time shot, at 17′.

However, the goal only came when Mancini put Benítez, Wellington Paulista and Pedrinho on the field and the three participated in the bid for the turning point, at 24′. Benítez threw Pedrinho down the left and he crossed. Wellington Paulista opened his legs in the middle of the area and left the ball clean for Everaldo, who arrived with a firm punch and scored the second.

At 44′, Everaldo ran at speed on the right, leaving Arthur feeling homesick and putting him on the left at the back of the net. In the celebration of the goal, he took the only yellow card of the entire match.

Guerrero debut

At 26′, after Coelho’s turn, the Peruvian striker made his debut for Avaí, replacing Bissoli. Still without the ideal rhythm of the game, the striker had a shot blocked by the defense and a header out, both moves without taking much danger. He hadn’t played an official game since October.

Goalkeepers avoid goals at the end of the first half

The match had few dangerous plays until the 30th minute, however it heated up at the end of the first half. At 39′, Henrique Almeida had the chance to come back, but he kicked from inside the area and Vladimir managed to palm it.

Cavichioli, who had tried to catch a shot by Kevin and let the ball slide to a corner shortly before, showed service in the 40′, when he cut a dangerous cross from Pottker.

VAR in discreet night

Henrique Almeida’s goal raised some doubts, but the analysis did not take long to confirm that the striker was in a legal position to tie the game. In the second half, Bissoli sent it to the net, but the offside was noted on the field. The video referee took about a minute to analyze and confirm the call, which was very clear.

next games

The two clubs return to the field on Saturday (6), for the 21st round of the Brasileirão. At 4:30 pm, Coelho visits Juventude. Shortly after, at 7 pm, Leão receives Corinthians at Ressacada.


Serie A of the Brazilian Championship – 20th round
Date: July 31, 2022, Sunday
Time: 18:00 (from Brasilia)
Place: Arena Independência, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Referee: Vinicius Gonçalves Dias Araújo (SP)
assistants: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (SP) and Luanderson Lima dos Santos (BA)
VAR: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)
Goal: Bissoli, at 3’/1st (AVA); Henrique Almeida, at 33’/1st (AME); Everaldo, at 24’/2nd and at 44’/2nd (AME).
Yellow cards: Everaldo (AME); (AVA)

AMERICA-MG: Matheus Cavichioli; Raúl Cáceres (Patric), Luan Patrick, Éder and Danilo Avelar; Lucas Kal (Benítez), Juninho and Matheusinho (Iago Maidana); Felipe Azevedo (Pedrinho), Everaldo and Henrique Almeida (Wellington Paulista). Technician: Vagner Mancini.

HAWAII: Vladimir; Kevin (Renato), Bressan, Arthur Chaves and Bruno Cortez; Raniele, Eduardo (Vitinho) and Jean Pyerre (Jean Cléber); William Pottker, Nathanael (Muriqui) and Bissoli (Paolo Guerrero). Technician: Eduardo Barroca.

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