From Spider-Man 4 to Superman with Nicolas Cage | 7 Super Productions of Comics That Never Left Paper

Today, comic book superheroes are the most reliable and profitable source for Hollywood blockbusters. And the laurels must go to Marvel. However, even today – or perhaps a few years in the past – these projects face, from time to time, problems to get off the ground. Whether due to budget, studio withdrawal or those involved, which includes the director or the main actors, everything can become a barrier when creating something of this size – even, as said, being a highly profitable business. Iconic and timeless symbols like Super man, Batman and Spider man they are real money-making machines, but it takes great care and planning to take these symbolic characters to the third dimension of the big screen.

In fact, for each film made with these specific characters, we can count many more that ended up stopping at different stages of their pre-production. In other words, subject for this type of matter is not lacking, since there are more films of the genre that were not made, than there are those that were made. To begin to demonstrate this, I bring below some of the most famous cases of blockbusters that generated great expectations, some even starting their production process, which simply did not go ahead, frustrating the filmmakers and even more the public – it is always the public that loses more. . Check it out below, say if you knew all the cases and don’t forget to comment saying which of these you would most like to have seen in theaters.

On display, continuing to be successful and generate lots of money for Warner, the new The Batman has received constant praise from fans and the press. The Batman is another character that almost had several movies that never got off the ground. In fact, we could make a list of just the hero movies that never came to fruition. However, for this article we chose one of the most interesting ones. Batman: Year One. This was the blueprint for the project that would be Batman Begins (2005) eventually, which, as we know, was the beginning of the trilogy of dark Knightin Christopher Nolan.

After the, let’s say, not very positive result of Batman & Robin (1997) – both financially and critically – Warner chose to restart the franchise, and some projects were aired. The one chosen by the studio ended up being Batman: Year One, which would tell the story of how Bruce Wayne donned the Batman costume for the first time. To command, the visionary Darren Aronofskyso just out of Requiem for a Dream (2000). The filmmaker wanted Joaquin Phoenix in the main role of the hero, and a highly rated film, with a lot of violence. In the end, Warner backed down on such a heavy-handed view, but as said, it used many of these ideas in Batman Begins.

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Spider-Man: No Return Home it’s one of the biggest hits in cinema and definitely the biggest hit of the last season. The partnership between Marvel and Sony to bring the hero to the MCU proved to be a very good idea, making fans happy. Going back some time, 20 years to be exact, the world was celebrating another Spider man, the first. Directed by Sam Raimi, the hero’s original film was a real stir and opened the door to the genre, showing Hollywood that comic book sources could be extremely profitable if done right. After the third film, in 2007, which had lukewarm reviews but a good box office, Raimi he still aspired to make not just one more film, but two.

spiderman 4 and 5 were on the director’s and studio’s agenda. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were on board as well, and the director would finally be able to portray the Vulture, his favorite villain, on the big screen – a role he would be left with. John Malkovich. Another one that was practically hired was Anne Hathaway in the role of Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat – although some sources claim that in the film she would transform into a female version of the Vulture. Hathaway eventually became the Catwoman of The dark Knight Rises. There is also talk of Rachel McAdams in some role in the feature. Filming would start in 2010, for a 2011 release – however, the tight schedule and the script for a reboot being produced at the same time (if the film of Raimi didn’t work out), ended up making the filmmaker give up on the fourth film. A great pity.

black Panther (2018) is definitely one of Marvel’s biggest hits and one of the biggest recent movie hits. Extremely representative, the long Ryan Coogler was nominated for an Oscar for best picture. This year, we will be awarded the sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in November, which promises to break new barriers, and overcome the lack of the protagonist Chadwick Boseman. Before the MCU blockbuster, however, the African superhero almost hit theaters in the 1990s, and it would have none other than Wesley Snipes as a protagonist. snipes he was very invested in the production, very excited to bring the important character to the big screen. It would have been a very different movie from the one we actually won, after all, times are different now. Other than that, the reality of superhero movies was different in the early 1990s too – a time when the actor was successful with films like White Men Don’t Know How to Bury and passenger 57. The production came to have a script, but it didn’t go ahead. A few years later and snipes would finally be able to become a comic book character with Blade – The Vampire Hunter (1998), one of the main stones in the foundation of genre cinema.

This is one of the most recent examples on the list, and one that may even get off the ground at some point in the future. Who knows? The character is part of the almost unlimited collection of Marvel mutants within the franchise. X-Men. This is a universe almost as rich and full of characters as all of Marvel itself. After the trilogy of X-Men in cinema, which ended in 2006, the plan of 20th Century Fox, the studio then holding the rights, was to create spin-offs only for certain characters. The first, of course, was the most popular of them, Wolverine, personified by the star Hugh Jackman – which won its own trilogy. The second on the list would be the villain Magneto, a project that was remodeled as X-Men: First Class (2011). After Ryan Reynolds campaigned and led the project to Deadpool (2016) for the feature to come out the right way, Fox soon scaled Channing Tatum to be the frontman from the solo movie of Gambit. For years, the actor and the studio tried to get the project off the ground, with the film being postponed even in 2019 and 2020. However, with Disney’s acquisition of Fox, production was completely shut down at this point. But as said, it may see the light at some future time.

The greatest hero of comics, many will say, Superman was the first character of the genre to win a franchise on the big screen. During the 1980s, films from the Superman were quite successful in theaters, until the cold result of the fourth and final feature in 1987. After that, in the 90s, Warner was looking for a way to revitalize the brand, and thought of projects that ranged from a direct sequel to a reboot. . Or maybe a mix of the two. Thus, the director and screenwriter Kevin Smith was asked to write the story, which was supposed to have a giant spider, polar bears and a robotic partner, were the demands of the eccentric producer Jon Peters.

when the director Tim Burton was hired to command, Smith came out and the text was modified, to tell Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey), Brainiac (Jack Nicholson) and Doomsday as the villainous trio. Sandra Bullock and Courteney Cox competed for the role of Lois Lane, and Chris Rock had been hired as the new Jimmy Olsen. Ah Yes, the protagonist would be lived by Nicolas Cage – we’re sure you’ve already seen the actor’s costume tests in the role – and the plot would be based on the comic book Superman’s Death. Indeed, this was one of the projects that came closest to getting off the ground, with Superman Lives being scheduled to premiere in 1998. There is even a behind-the-scenes documentary with interviews from everyone, including Kevin Smith and Tim Burtonentitled The Death of Superman Lives – What Happened?

One of Marvel’s most laudable triumphs in film was introducing characters from the publisher’s B-team and turning them into big movie stars. This was true even in his first film, after all the Iron Man was not a product of the same level as the Spider man or two X-Men. Be that as it may, the MCU continued to introduce brands unknown to the general public, see Guardians of the Galaxy, and extracting gold from them. This is what Casa de Ideias continues to do today, with Shang-Chi and eternal, for example. Everything is planned thoroughly and well in advance, making Marvel Studios one of the most calculating production companies in Hollywood today. We will hardly see an advertised film being shelved. But there is precedent. is the case with inhumans, planned to premiere in 2018, pushed back to 2019 and then indefinitely. It is curious that the star Vin Diesel had been hired on a double deal with the studio, would give the voice to the tree alien Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxyand would be the physical form of the mute Black Bolt from inhumans. But this was a project that Marvel swept under the hood, taking it off their schedule. Some say it was because of Spider-Man’s entry into the MCU, others say it was because of the bad reception of the TV series with the characters in 2017. There’s even the possibility that the project has evolved into the movie of eternal in 2021.

“Who is Jack Snyder?” well before the director Zack Snyder deliver your (double) version of Justice Leaguethe project almost saw the light of day in the mid-2000s. Speaking of another project that almost got off the ground, as well as Superman Lives, the first film by the DC supergroup is one of the more famous to become urban legends than it could have been. with the title of Justice League – Mortalthe director and cast had been hired, the film had a script, and was already in pre-production, being canceled due to taxes. George Millerfrom the movies Mad Maxwas in charge, and had climbed Armie Hammer like Batman, DJ Cotrona like Superman, Megan Gale like Wonder Woman, Adam Brody like Flash, common as Green Lantern, Santiago Cabrera like Aquaman, Hugh Keays-Byrne like Manhunter and Zoe Kasan like Iris Allen. The villains would be Maxwell Lord, played by Jay Baruchel and Talia al Ghull, played by Teresa Palmer – that before Pedro Pascal and Marion Cotillard live the antagonists in the movies Wonder Woman 1984 and The dark Knight Rises, respectively. If the level of action and adrenaline were the same as Mad Max – Fury Roadwe would be done.

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