Harry Styles signs with Marvel for 5 movies and pockets fortune

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading in a new direction and a recent deal seems to show that. According to the English tabloid The Sun, Marvel Studios would have signed a long-term contract with English singer and actor Harry Styles.

Styles, who has already appeared in the movie “Eternals” as Thanos’ brother, Eros, would be contracted to appear in up to five more works as the character. Studio head Kevin Feige has previously confirmed interest in exploring the galactic outlaw’s stories in the comics, telling MTV News:

“Yes, the adventures of Eros and Pip are something very exciting for us.”

According to The Sun, considering Marvel’s practice of giving profit sharing to the stars of its features, it is speculated that the singer and actor could earn up to US$ 100 million (about R$ 517 million, at the current price) over the course of the series. of the duration of your contract. He would thus become one of the most successful stars in Hollywood.

Harry Styles at the movies

Meanwhile, Harry Styles prepares for a vital second semester for his film career. The actor will have two films premiering in September during major festivals.

“Don’t Worry Honey,” directed by Olivia Wilde of “Booksmart,” will premiere out of official competition at the Venice Film Festival, while “My Policeman” will be one of the most anticipated releases at the Toronto International Film Festival. The latter is being touted as Styles’ chance to be nominated for an Oscar, so the singer and actor could be on the cusp of a career leap.

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