How to open a Santander account by cell phone?

Are you thinking of opening an account at Santander, but don’t want to face the branch’s service queue? Learn how to open a mobile account!

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Are you thinking about opening a Santander account, but don’t want to go to a branch? We have the solution for you: learn how to open a bank account on your cell phone!

How to open a Santander account by cell phone?

Opening a Santander account via cell phone is very easy. Just follow the following steps:

1st step

The first step is to access the Santander website and click on “Open your Account”. Then, go to the upper right tab, enter your CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) and other data, such as name and e-mail.

2nd step

The second step is to enter the security code that Santander will send you by SMS.

3rd Step

The third step is to choose the service that best suits your financial needs and complete the form with the remaining data, such as the address.

4th step

The fourth step is to send a selfie and photos of the identification document, which can be RG (General Registry), CNH (National Driver’s License) or RNE (National Foreigner Registry).

5th step

The fifth step is to verify your details and click “Continue” and confirm that you have read the contract terms. Once this is done, just wait 3 business days for the bank to analyze your data and open your account.

How to open a Santander account at the branch?

To open a Santander account at a branch, all you need to do is bring an identification document, proof of address and income. The bank accepts a work card, paycheck or income tax declaration as proof of income.

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