Indonesia bans gaming platforms and makes Counter-Strike inaccessible in the country | DRAFT5

Seeking the regulation of national and foreign technology companies, the government of Indonesia has taken down the most diverse gaming platforms today.

Steam, by the way, was not left out of this, a fact that made Counter-Strike almost inaccessible in the country over the last week. At the moment, by the way, it is only possible to access different sites and services using VPN or changing DNS.

The reason, by the way, is that the Indonesian government has required that any technology company that wishes to carry out activities within its borders must regularize itself with the State. Those that fail or ignore the state order have already been or will be overthrown.

The country, by the way, is home to some of the most notable Counter-Strike talent on the Asian continent, including veterans Hansel”BnTeT” Ferdinand, former football player Gen.G and EXTREME who currently leads the cast of the Chinese TYLOOand Kevin”xcurate“Susanto, no team today.

Indonesia had even been identified as the seat of the IESF World Esports Championship 2022, a competition that brings together several teams from the second tier of European Counter-Strike. However, holding the tournament on Indonesian lands now seems extremely uncertain.

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