Is it worth leaving the money at Nubank without CDI that yields every day?

O Nubank announced on the 11th of July that it will change the form of income on its digital account, which will no longer offer the daily CDI within the first 30 days of investment. The change was presented to the general public along with the implementation of the so-called “boxes”, which are new ways of organizing applications.

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The novelty presented by fintech seems to have not pleased its customer base. Many claim that the practice of the CDI that yields daily was what made a digital bank one of the best investment options among so many startups available on the market. As a result, many people began to question whether or not it is worth leaving their money at Nubank.

Change in Nubank’s income

According to the bank, the automatic income of the Nubank account continues, as well as that of the “Saved Money” function. In the change, the value of new deposits that remain for more than 30 days in the account will automatically yield 100% of the CDI every day.

The difference is that the customer will only receive the retroactive income for the initial 30 days when the 31st day arrives. In short: Nubank’s liquidity now becomes similar to that of savingswhich only yields after 30 days.

The difference between both investments is that after the first 30 days, the return on the amount deposited in NuConta returns to daily, while in savings, liquidity remains monthly.

Is it still worth leaving the money at Nubank?

To answer this question, market experts suggest that the customer takes into account the objectives he intends to give his money. Those who seek daily liquidity as soon as the money is invested, with the possibility of withdrawing at any time, the Nubank account may no longer be the best option.

However, it is important to note that the income from the fintech remains the same: at the end of the first 30 days, the value of the entire month of the CDI will be added to the initial balance left in the bank. From then on, the income will be daily. The change is that the person will not see the money multiply immediately and also will not receive the profit if he withdraws before the deadline.

Therefore, the customer who is not in a hurry to redeem the money invested and wants to keep it yielding longer, the change in the Nubank account’s income will not affect him. That is, everything revolves around the goals and purposes of the client.

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