Learn how to save cell phone internet with data settings

Reducing internet consumption on the device certainly generates a lot of money savings in the medium term. Whether on Android or iPhone, worrying about this issue helps to increase the efficiency of data usage. However, most do not even use the resources made available by the system, which is intended to ensure operational efficiency.

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In this case, practice allows you not to lose 4G and 5G signal at the time you need it most. Being disconnected can disrupt your routine, as devices help with daily tasks. All the most modern smartphones were developed thinking about maximizing processing intelligence, prioritizing economic choices.

Applications end up consuming internet even when they are not open and being used, especially social networks and streaming. Managing this deviation is the best way to save unnecessary expenses, making your plan last less than it should. In addition, another advantage is the possibility of saving battery, by dispensing more energy by updating apps.

Disable data usage of your apps when platforms are closed


1st Step: access the settings tab and then click on ”Network and Internet”.

2nd Step: choose the option ”Mobile Network”.

3rd Step: On the screen, a panel will appear showing which apps consume the most data and the option beside to disable the use of mobile data.


1st step: Access the settings menu and then click on ”Network and Internet”.

2nd Step: select the ”Data Saving” option.

3rd Step: finally, complete the configuration by selecting ”Use the Data Saver Feature”, dragging to the side.

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