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Olena Zelenska
Olena Zelenska, posed for Vogue amid the rubble (photo: Reproduction/Vogue)

The entire world was stunned by the levity of Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska, in posing for Vogue amidst the rubble of her country’s war with Russia. Matter made under the North American point of view of showing the couple as national heroes, the plan backfired. Criticism was general. The worst that her husband, Volodymyr Zelensky, also appears in the photos. That fact, at least, makes clear Washington’s weight in Kiev’s successive misguided decisions.



The ninth edition of Fadas Madrinhas will take place on August 9, at Clube Chalezinho, in Belo Horizonte, offering, once again, the opportunity for 27 teenagers with remarkable stories to live the dream of the debutante ball with all its tradition. Created by businesswoman Liliane Barros Marty Caron, who has worked in the social area for over 20 years, the volunteer project has the support of companies and volunteers and has already impacted the lives of more than 600 girls. This year, there were more than 6,000 registrations from young people from all over Brazil. The selected finalists are public school students with good school behavior and without resources to pay for the dreamed 15th birthday party. In addition to the Belo Horizonte party, the businesswoman promotes, annually, and also on a voluntary basis, a 15th birthday party exclusively for patients at Hospital Amor de Barretos, which is already scheduled for April 4, 2023.

Paula Mouro and Lilian Abras (photo: Barbara Dutra/Disclosure)


brides and party

Carol Margalith and Izabella Comini, owners of Fatto com Amore, welcome friends and suppliers around a cocktail party to present the store they opened in March, in a soft open system, whose specialty is the bridal and party wear market. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2, at 7:00 pm, at the mansion in the So Pedro neighborhood, which underwent a retrofit to receive the space.


MAMU project

MAMU – Morro Arte Mural is in its second edition after a four-year break, and will paint 28 houses in the Vila Nova Cachoeirinha community. The work, signed by the artist Criola – an artist from Belo Horizonte and one of the biggest names in graffiti in Brazil – is a megamural that can be seen by anyone passing through Av. Antonio Carlos. This week, free workshops for community residents also began.



The federal government announced the new model of the identity card, which is now unified throughout the country. The new General Registry (RG) will use the CPF number as the unique identification of Brazilians. The documents will maintain the format and issue standard. State agencies, such as Public Security or Civil Police departments will have until March 6, 2023 to adapt to the change. In addition to the physical version issued on paper, citizens will also have access to a digital version. The new RG is safer because it allows electronic validation of its authenticity by QR Code, even offline, and uses information from voters’ fingerprints. The main changes are: authentication through QR Code; mandatory biometrics; identification of organ donor or not; naturalness; international standard MRZ code (same code as in passports); blood group and RH factor in the document; uniformity of the Identity Card for the entire national territory.


20 years with feijoada

The traditional Paladino Restaurant, located in Pampulha, celebrates its 20th anniversary with its traditional feijoada, on the 20th, signed by Marcelo Haddad Guerra, owner and chef of the restaurant. The feijoada will have several shows, such as: Baile da Dri, led by Adrianna, singer and former backing vocalist of Jota Quest, DJ Edson Lima, and the band Batuque Beauvoir and Manu Dias. Invitations for sale, by Sympla.


of launch

Singer Rayane Boldrini performs for the launch of her first album “Verses de Mim”, an authorial work that goes through different genres such as MPB, xote, samba, pop and soul. On the album, she signs four of the ten tracks and features important names from the Minas Gerais scene such as Lo Pires, Luadson Constncio, Lucas Avelar and Felipe Fantoni, who is also responsible for the music production. The show will be on August 28, Sunday, at 6 pm, at the pocket theater of Cine Theatro Brasil Vallourec. Tickets available at https://bit.ly/3oxacBS.


celebrated sales

The return of movement in shopping malls on commemorative dates, ended up revealing which of them are the most dear in affective relationships. Mother’s Day wins, by far, with an 18% increase in traffic compared to 2019, while Valentine’s Day moved 13% more in the same period. Now, the chips are in for Father’s Day – which has always been the ugly duckling of these special dates for commerce. But, interestingly, the post-pandemic return to the malls was greater than expected.


before the Louvre

Visual multi-artist Marcus Paschoalin is emerging outside Brazil and in October he will exhibit at the Louvre Museum. Until then, miners will have the opportunity to see his work in the solo exhibition at the Espaço Galeria da Templuz, with free admission, starting this Wednesday. Around 20 canvases will be presented, including unpublished works and reinterpretations of established series, inspired by the op art (optical art), graphic and abstract styles, marked by different periods, from the 1950s to the present.


for students

The successful Institute of Entrepreneurship, in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), developed the course “Lessons in Entrepreneurship for the Achievement of an Emancipating and Transforming Education”, to disseminate the entrepreneurial culture among high school students. The material, which is exclusive and unpublished in the country, is being made available free of charge online for anyone who wants to have access, and it is beginning to be implemented in education networks throughout Brazil. The activity book and the teacher’s guide can be found on the Institute’s website: www.institutoexito.com.br.



Registration is now open for the “Batalha All Styles Danas Urbanas”, a dance competition that will be part of the event “Cenrio de Rua”, which will be held by Sesc Cenrio, on Saturday, 6th, from 1 pm to 7 pm. The program is free and open to the public. Dana Urbana promotes the meeting of different styles such as Locking, Popping, Breaking, House and Hip Hop. The event will promote dance competitions with prizes for the finalists.



Still in the agricultural production circuit, it is worth mentioning that, finally, the commercialization of cheese made with raw milk, in an artisanal way, was released throughout the national territory. Although it went unnoticed, the hammer was only hit last month – and Minas Gerais producers from Canastra to Serro, passing through dozens of other producing regions, are celebrating. However, I need to have some stamps to be able to make the decision. Let’s see how much this costs small producers. A, just encourage exports.


the chinese tale

The French in the Bordeaux region of France are furious at the Chinese tale they fell into when they sold several of their famous vineyards to investors in the East. After the happiness of receiving millions of euros for them, now they see the vineyards forgotten, with weeds growing – some closed for four years and abandoned, including the employees. Opera Summary: The Chinese have taken French wine off the market and are putting theirs in its place.


anti-heat novelty

As every coin has two sides, the abrasive heat that ignites the northern hemisphere ended up bringing some progress on the matter. Namely: Americans are dyeing some swaths of their streets blue, thus reducing by almost 20% the emission in urban heat where the novelty is applied. In addition to being more beautiful, it makes the environment more pleasant. One of the cities to join, experimentally, was Miami.


unnecessary fines

The most recent quip in relation to paying fines for those who lose their parking ticket in shopping malls comes from So Paulo – where the Court decided that each company decides on the matter. The controversial subject and the column has already seen horrible fights even in premium supermarkets, because of it. The worst thing is that there is already technology for electronic tracking of cars there, which would eliminate the old-fashioned tickets and\or cards.


The BH–Porter business show (which takes place between August 15th and 19th, with summer 2023) arrives with many new features. Having increased space for exhibitors and lectures (at BH Business) and, also, a greater number of participating brands – around 81. The promotion of Coopermoda, an entity that is being modernized every day, including a new identity in the logo – which turned out great .

The crypto-chique circuit (that is, billionaires who do not like the spotlight) had a religious wedding between the daughter of the richest man in Brazil, Jorge Paulo Lehmann, called Lara, with the great-grandson of Juscelino Kubitschek, called Felipe, in a discreet party in Switzerland. The civilian was in Brasilia, in May. The scoop was by Rio columnist Hildegard Angel.

Those who went to the Pato Fu show, held at the Inhotim Institute, had something to delight in. In addition to the music, the pleasant atmosphere of the open-air performance created the perfect connection for the Ouro Preto Orchestra’s arrangements. Fernanda Takai was at the height of the proposal – opening with a flourish the celebrations of the group’s 30 years on the road.


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