Man camps out in front of animal shelter so he won’t miss the opportunity to adopt a puppy

A retired orthodontist named Dr. Brian Eberhart was living his routine in monotony when he met a puppy and fell instantly in love.

The dog, named Elliot, was in a temporary home in Brian’s neighbor’s case, when their paths crossed, the man hatched a plan to adopt him. Elliot is a border collie, and he arrived at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter animal shelter in California, United States, completely shy and scared.

The puppy went to a temporary home, to receive more attention during that sad moment of abandonment and rescue. It was then that the two met. “Eberhart’s neighbor was Elliot’s caretaker, so he had already met Elliot while he was in the process of getting into adoption and had the opportunity to meet and fall in love with him.”Anthony Mercurio, the shelter’s marketing and communications manager, told The Dodo.

So when the puppy finally returned to the shelter and was put up for adoption, the orthodontist knew exactly what he needed to do to make sure he was taken home.

The man decided to camp in front of the shelter since 8 am, it turns out that the shelter doesn’t open before 1 pm, so he had to wait long hours not to come home empty-handed.

That morning, employees were surprised when they arrived for work and found him sitting in a chair, reading a book, near the front door. The future tutor would wait all the time in the world as long as he adopted Elliot.

When the time finally came, their meeting was incredible. The border collie puppy loved seeing who was there waiting for him, and acted as if he was reuniting with a great friend.

A video talking about the wait Brian had to go through was shared on the shelter’s Tik Tok and garnered over 4 million views, 817,000 likes and 3693 comments.

“Not trying to be weird, but if I were a dog, this is the kind of man I would like to adopt. Look at him,” commented one netizen.

“Camping outside the shelter is pure parenting energy!! Anything for the babies,” said a second.

“That’s so sweet of him. I’m sure the dog will be pampered,” added a third.

That day, the orthodontist achieved his goal and Elliot went home with him. Now the puppy is called Leo. In English it is an abbreviation for ‘Love Each Other’, which basically means that one loves the other, that is, that it is reciprocal.

In addition, Leo gained a space on the tutor’s social networks. Brian is very proud of the little one and loves to show him off to his followers and other netizens. The shelter staff is happy to be able to follow their journey.

The puppy is learning to swim and also loves to hike with the tutor. Furthermore, he also gained a very lazy feline brother.

Watch below:

You can follow the wonderful life Leo is leading after being adopted by the perfect tutor, follow the Tik Tok profile @drbrianandleo.

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