New Apple information reveals speed improvement on iPhone 14

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New Apple iPhone models will gain performance improvement and always-on display

The performance of the iPhone 14 Pro let the models of iPhone 14 eating dust, and now we can get an idea of ​​how much better the model will be.

MacWorld’s Jason Cross published a detailed analysis of all the leaked iPhone 14 Pro components and combined them with public vendor information to reveal “performance beyond a speed boost”. Highlights are a 25-30% increase in graphics performance and a massive 50% increase in memory bandwidth. But there is disappointment when it comes to the CPU.

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Cross estimates that the A16 chip from apple will only provide a 15% increase in CPU performance compared to the A15 chip from the iPhone 13 line, which should be used again in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. That’s a shock given that a leak last month claimed a CPU jump of over 40%, although this source agrees with estimates of around 30% of the GPU.

In isolation, a 15% increase wouldn’t be surprising because Apple has had more iterative CPU gains in recent years. That said, 2022 marks the year Apple will widen the gap between the iPhone Pro and non-Pro models with significant changes to design, camera resolution and chipset generations.

RAM memory will likely be the big driver here. As previously reported, Apple is leaning towards transitioning iPhone 14 Pro models to LPDDR5 RAM, which is 1.5x faster (6400 Vs 4266 Mbps) than LPDDR4x and 30% more energy efficient. RAM has been the easiest way to boost system performance, and the iPhone 14 Pro models look set to make a mark here.

Additionally, iPhone 14 Pro models are also likely to gain much faster charging. Achieving a 50% charge in approximately 15 minutes (half the time of its predecessor) and lasting over two hours beyond the iPhone 13 Pro.

Of course, this all comes at a cost, with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models expected to be more expensive than ever before. On the other hand, with the entire iPhone 14 lineup tending to increase by at least US$ 100 (R$ 517.28), which could be an incentive to invest in the Pro, which generates more sales.


Another news is about iPhone’s first always-on screen. Apple’s first iOS 16 beta has revealed details about the functionality. The 9to5Mac website scoured the code for the latest beta version of iOS 16 from Apple and found a new ‘Sleep’ mode, which it managed to activate.
When enabled, sleep mode dims and “tints” the iPhone screen when the device is locked, rather than turning the screen off completely. “The user-chosen clock and widgets will also be visible when the screen is off,” explains 9to5Mac.

This is the behavior of an always-on display, and Apple has a history with this functionality. As 9to5Mac notes:

“Basically, it looks like Apple is going to replicate the same effect as apple watch on iPhone 14 Pro. This means that users will still see their wallpapers somehow, even when the screen is off. The wallpaper will be displayed in full brightness as soon as the user taps the screen.”

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And yes, that also reveals a catch: the feature will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. Because? Because only the Pro models will ship with a new display with a variable refresh rate that drops from 120Hz to 1Hz. The screen consumes almost no power at this lower level, so the feature doesn’t hurt battery consumption. On the other hand, it means that existing iPhones are highly unlikely to get this functionality.

While highly anticipated by iPhone fans, always-on displays have been a mainstay of Android smartphones for many years. Apple was also expected to release this technology with the iPhone 13, but failed.

More broadly, I suspect this is just the beginning of the iOS 16 beta code leaks, because Apple has a long history of revealing future product details through its generational iOS updates. iOS 12 beta versions included iPhone XS Max iconography; iOS 13 leaked iPhone SE2 and Apple CarKey; iOS 14 leaked iPhone 12 Mini and iOS 15 leaked high-end MacBooks.

So get ready because supply chain reports claim that the iPhone 14 release schedule remains on track. That means there’s less than two months left until launch, which is when the leak season hits its peak.

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