Paysandu wins Campinense and is “virtually” classified

Paysandu beat Campinense 3-1, on Saturday night (30), at Estádio Amigão, in Campina Grande-PB, and is very close to the spot in the quadrangular of the Brazilian Series C. Bicolores depend on a defeat or draw between São José and Figueirense, in Florianópolis, or on Botafogo-SP not winning their game against Volta Redonda, in Ribeirão Preto.

With this, the 2 teams will not be able to reach the mark of 32 points, which would serve to surpass the Eternal Champion of Champions in the classification. Even if they don’t qualify in this round, the Boogeyman will still have two more matches to secure at least one point. Next challenges will be against Altos (away) and Floresta (home).


The goals of the match were scored by striker Marlon, twice, who was six games without scoring and now has nine goals in Terceirona, assuming the artillery of the competition. Marcelinho scored the third after a beautiful pass by José Aldo and Dione scored for the hosts after a non-existent penalty scored by the referee.

Lobo reached 30 points, two less than the leader. Overall, the Boogeyman didn’t need much effort and made the beans and rice to defeat the opponent. Naylhor made a good debut and should remain in the starting lineup for the sequel. Bicolores showed defensive security in aerial balls and conceded a penalty goal that didn’t happen. Now, the North Titles Pope will go in search of leadership.

See how Lance a Lance went:

Marlon, the love scorer
Marlon, the love scorer | (Photo: Jorge Luís Totti/Paysandu)

First time:

The game started electric and with tackles. Campinense showed to advance their lines and pressured the ball out of the Boogeyman. However, it was the Wolf who scared him. At 3 minutes, José Aldo stole the ball and launched a counterattack with Marlon, who left Dalberto facing the goalkeeper. Bicolor striker scored with a cavadinha, but the linesman signed it in the irregular position of shirt 35.

In the first 10 minutes, Campinense was better. They seek to be aggressive, while Paysandu waits for mistakes to make counterattacks. The people from Pará started to have more possession of the ball and, at 15, Igor Carvalho took a side in the area, Dalberto deflected it and the ball was left for Marlon to open the scoring in Amigão. Striker returned to swing the nets after six games of fasting.

Raposa went on the attack in search of a draw and Boogeyman defended himself well, avoiding any kind of danger. Bicolores kept the counterattack strategy and, at 25, Marlon received a throw, took it from goalkeeper Mauro Iguatu and was knocked down in the area. The number 10 shirt himself went for the kick and scored his ninth in the Terceirona, increasing the bicolor advantage and assuming the isolated artillery.

Campinense had a greater volume of play, but could not bring real danger to Paysandu, who took advantage of counter-blows to make the result. Was the Boogeyman playing a lot? Didn’t have to. The game offered opportunities and Lobo took advantage of it, as he had the quality to do so. Bicolors went down to the break guaranteeing a spot in the Foursquare Final.

Second time:

The second stage came back slower, but the hosts exchanged passes in the attack and were trying to get closer to the Paysandu area. However, the Albiceleste defense was still well posted and nothing happened. Thiago made a good save in the 19th minute and Marlon, in the 23rd, missed a chance face to face with Mauro Iguatu. It was the Hat-Trick chance, but it was wasted.

Three minutes later, the referee awarded a non-existent penalty after Oliveira played in the area. Dione lowered the score and put Fox back in the game. Paysandu was “cooking” the match, trying not to give a break for the tie. And, in the 41st minute, José Aldo gave Marcelinho a beautiful pass, who dribbled the goalkeeper and closed the coffin of Raposa.

Upcoming Appointments:

In the 18th round of the Brazilian Series C, the Boogeyman will visit Altos, at the Lindolfo Monteiro Stadium, in Piauí. The match is scheduled for Saturday (6), from 19h. Campinense, who are fighting imminent relegation, will visit Floresta at Estádio Presidente Vargas, in Fortaleza, on Sunday (7), at 3 pm.

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