PMDF recovers car with stolen cell phones valued at R$ 720 thousand

The Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF) managed to recover, on Saturday afternoon (7/30), a stolen car with 75 electronic devices valued at approximately R$ 720 thousand.

According to information from the corporation, the PMDF was informed of a possible occurrence involving the shooting of a firearm in the region of the Industry and Supply Sector (SIA), near the Imports Fair.

Shortly after the activation, a vehicle moved to the region, when the military were approached by a fairground. The man informed that his brother had been the victim of robbery moments ago.

The team made contact with the victim who reported that he was leaving work at the Imports Fair, when two individuals, carrying a firearm, announced the robbery and took the Chevrolet Onix vehicle with nine Xiaomi phones, 65 iPhone phones and a notebook. Samsung. Police also reported that, after stealing the vehicle keys, the robbers fired several shots towards the victim.

After the victim’s testimony, the GTOP team made an intense patrol and located the vehicle with the same characteristics parked in an isolated location. The assailants had fled. The cargo had not been taken and all the objects were inside the trunk of the vehicle.

The team moved with the victim and the stolen items to the 5th Police Station (central area), for measures.

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