Prince Harry’s memoir worries the monarchy

Prince Harry has promised that his as-yet-untitled memoir will be “an intimate and candid account” of the “experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that helped shape him”.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, there is “considerable anxiety” in Buckingham Palace circles over the publication. The monarchs fear that the prince will use the memoir to settle accounts with family members.

The main concern would be in relation to Camilla, Harry’s stepmother, still blamed for the collapse of the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

According to the British newspaper, 5 years ago, Harry invited some of his mother’s friends to share memories and private photographs of her.

Initially, he would have justified the invitation by saying that his own memories were a little shaky. During the meetings, he especially wanted to know the background to the breakup of his parents’ marriage. With some of Diana’s intimates, he would have been more explicit. One at least had a long argument with him about Camilla.

“It was pretty clear that he didn’t have a high opinion of her,” the source told the Daily Mail. “He wasn’t very complimentary about her and I highly doubt he’s forgotten what we talked about that day.”

Through contact with these friends of Diana’s, Harry would have realized that the princess was mistreated not only by the media, but also by the royal house – which the prince also complains about.

Another concern of the monarchy would be about William, from whom Harry has estranged for the last 3 years. Their relationship has been so damaged by the aftermath of exile and Harry’s relentless criticism of the royals that some question whether it can be properly repaired.

It is impossible to know in advance what Meghan Markle’s husband will tell in his memoir, but it is speculated that he may recount the period shortly after his mother’s death.

Harry has already mentioned this in interviews describing how he couldn’t deal with the aftermath for years and how it led to a period of “total chaos” and a near “total meltdown” in his 20s, until he sought counseling.

Many also wonder if the publication will shed light on how Diana’s family supported the prince and his brother in the months immediately following their mother’s death. The princess, for example, had already chosen and bought the gift she wanted for Harry’s 13th birthday, but it was her sister Sarah who wrapped it and gave it to her nephew just two weeks later.

One still wonders how Harry will remember the “party prince” years, when he was living in London nightclubs and experimenting with drugs and excessive amounts of alcohol.

Following in mother’s footsteps

Harry was not yet eight years old when Andrew Morton’s seminal biography of his mother hit shelves in the summer of 1992.

“Diana: Her True Story” became a worldwide bestseller and exposed to the world that the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales was a hoax. The publication had a profound and lasting impact on the royal family.

Initially met with disbelief and derision, the book quickly became a classic, not only for its explosive content, but also for Princess Diana’s intimate involvement in its publication. After her death in 1997, it was revealed that Diana was the primary source and a new version of the biography contained an 18,000-word transcript of recordings made by the princess in secret to allow Morton to tell her story.

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