Robson scores, Fortaleza wins Cuiabá and leaves the bottom of the Brasileirão – Play

O Strength won the Brasilierão again. With a goal by Robson, still in the first half, Tricolor defeated Cuiabá 1-0 this Sunday (31), in a game of 20th round of Serie A 2022. THE Pantanal Arenain Mato Grosso, received the duel.

With three more points, the team led by Vojvoda rose to 18th position and has 18 points. This is the Lion’s fourth victory in the tournament. Fortaleza faces Internaciona in the next round. The duel will be on Sunday (7), at Arena Castelão, at 18:00 (Brasília time).


1st time

Cuiabá put pressure at the beginning with Alesson, who pulled a fast counterattack, but the ball deflected on Titi. Dourado gave another scare in the tricolor defense with the attacker, a move defended by Fernando Miguel. The owners of the house tried once more, and Benevenuto brushed away the danger. Fortaleza regained possession of the ball and tried to create. Robson advanced and fell in the area, but the referee ordered him to follow. Moses also tried. The attacker arrived on the right and missed a pass. Tricolor continued to impose itself in the attack with Romarinho and Thiago Galhardo.

Gabriel Pirani tried to pass to Osório, who was interrupted by Benevenuto. Marllon also tried and sent him out. The Lion responded with Romarinho’s move. At the end, the attacker is blocked by the defenders. Rodriguinho tried to finish and kick the tricolor goalkeeper. Fortaleza worked the ball in the middle of the field and created the attack. Benevenuto assisted Robson. The striker kicked the first time and opened the scoring at Arena Pantanal. Team Ceará dominated offensive actions. Cuiabá took little danger.

Fortaleza pulled a counterattack at speed with Robson, but he kicked it wide. Cuiabá responded with Rodriguinho’s header, which went over the bar. Back, the host tried to cross, and the ball stayed with the Lion. For the tricolor, Sasha sent from outside the area, but Walter was firm in the bid. Tricolor continued in search of increasing the advantage, kept possession of the ball and counted on the opponent’s mistakes. The hosts still tried with Rodriguinho, but Benevenuto stopped the move. Thus, the Lion held the advantage at 1 to 0.

2nd period

Fortaleza started the 2nd half at a slower pace. Behind on the scoreboard, Dourado looked for space to create in the attack. Rodriguinho kicked from outside the area, but the ball stayed with Fernando Miguel. Pepê also tried and was stopped by the tricolor defense. Osório hit from outside the area, but the ball went out. Dourado insisted with Rodriguinho, who was cut by Benevenuto.

Gabriel Pirani tried to advance on the right, but missed the pass. The Cuiabano team worked the game in the middle of the field. Valdivia kicked low, from long distance, and the ball went through the back. The tricolor goalkeeper appeared once again. Pirani finished from the area, but Fernando Miguel made a great save and avoided Cuiabá’s equalizing goal. The team continued to press with André Luís, Pepê and Gabriel. Leão closed himself in the marking of the departure of the game.

Dourado held the ball and tried to pierce the strong tricolor barrier, which closes. Valdívia and Daniel Guedes took the risk, without success. Tricolor found it difficult to create and saw Cuiabá grow in the match. Unmarked, Pepê arrived in the area and attempted a header. The bid arrived without force and Fernando Miguel held it without difficulty. Fortaleza sought to recover in the attack and suffered with the marking of the home team, which played for the attack until the end of the duel. However, the team was defeated by Leão, who left the Brasileirão lantern.

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